I Can’t Wait To Reunite With Tsareena In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There are still likely over a hundred Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet yet to be revealed, but one Pokemon we know for sure will be in the game is Tsareena. To quote a modern day poet, it's about damn time. It's a bit of a running joke at TheGamer how often I write about Tsareena, but the thing about that is I love her. She isn't my favourite Pokemon ever, but she is a Pokemon that it seems no one else ever really thinks about, and that only increases my admiration for her. In Scarlet & Violet, I'm finally going to get to rule the world with Tsareena.

I'm quite lucky in my favourite Pokemon, and by 'lucky', I mean 'basic'. My favourite Pokemon are Sylveon, Gardevior, Gengar, and Gyarados, who are all some of the most popular Pokemon in the entire roster. I'm never left wanting when it comes to seeing my favourites on screen. Since Pokemon Sword & Shield, we've seen a mini-boom of Pokemon spin-offs. These secondary titles have always been there, and have always been some of the most interesting and experimental games in Pokemon, but recently we've had a string of not only major hits, but platforms for some lesser spotted ‘mons to shine.

Pokemon Go, New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Unite, Pokken, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus have each given Pokemon of all shapes and sizes a chance to shine. Tsareena though has gotten the short end of the stick. She eventually arrived in Go, but not until after her generation was skipped over entirely as Niantic struggled to know how to stretch out the final few Pokemon. Even now, she's relatively rare and weak, making her feel useless in the game. Despite having such an impressive stature, she has also not been given her rightful position as a raid boss. Unite, too, eventually added Tsareena, but when she seems the most like a League of Legends Champion (the game Unite takes cues from) out of the entire Pokemon cast, her late arrival feels like an oversight.

After that, you've got nothing. Despite being highly photogenic and fitting in perfectly with several maps, Tsareena was not in New Pokemon Snap. This was a game designed to showcase Pokemon exactly like Tsareena, and yet she missed out. Even when three more maps were added, Tsareena missed the boat. She doesn’t appear in Pokken, where as an aggressive yet high-femme 'mon, she perfectly fits into the Emilie De Rochefort (Lili if ya nasty)/Nina Williams role. Legends: Arceus, another game that seemed prepared to let the lesser lights shine, also cut Tsareena from the roster. I know she's not as popular as I like to think she is, but doesn't she deserve a little bit more? I’d give her everything.

In a Reddit survey of favourite Pokemon, Tsareena finished a lowly 397th, between Araquanid and Masquerain, which is far lower than I would have guessed. But then, can I blame people? How are they supposed to even know that she exists when she's constantly pushed to the sidelines? I'm hopeful Scarlet & Violet will finally fix this. I wrote during Legends: Arceus' launch that you had my sympathy if your favourite 'mon missed out, and you'll have it again if Scarlet & Violet doesn't deliver, but even if they're present, some Pokemon are tucked away in far off areas and never have much of a chance. Hopefully that won't happen to Tsareena – she deserves so much more than that.

It's strange, given her aesthetic similarities to Gardevoir (eighth in the overall poll) that Pokemon has not pushed Tsareena into the spotlight more. Scarlet & Violet could be the start of a redemption arc, and I can't think of a Pokemon that deserves one more. She's one of the best designed Pokemon in the last two generations, bursting with personality, yet with no chance to show it off. Wherever she is in Scarlet & Violet, I will find her.

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