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Every generation has a magical creature they wish they could either be, or be best friends with. Whether it is a fairy from a Pixar movie or a dragon from a beloved 1980s film, we all want a little magic in our lives. And if mermaids are involved, no one can deny how magical it can get!

This past year, the mermaidcore trend has been all the rage. The mermaidcore trend is exactly how it sounds: it’s all about embodying mermaids. So with the new live-action Little Mermaid hitting theaters on May 26, everyone has mermaids on the brain. Whether you adore every Little Mermaid that hits the screen or Splash is still your favorite movie, no one can deny how amazing mermaids are (and they always have gorgeous names)!

Mermaid-inspired names are all about embracing the love for all things water, whether it’s a lake or the neverending ocean. Mermaid names are always hypnotic, making you think about swimming through the cool waves. They can range from names that are as on-the-nose as it gets to names that have multiple meanings linking back to the sea.

For those who love anything and everything nautical, why not gift your bundle of joy a name that everyone can associate with the beauty of the ocean? (And if it’s a Disney-approved name, it definitely checks off all the boxes!)

Disney Mermaids



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