Immortality: How To Find Every Clip

Immortality is jam-packed and full of hidden footage and mixed messages for you to decode, which can make your role as curator an incredibly taxing experience. To truly master the archives and unlock the game's every secret, you will of course need to know where to look, and which objects to interact with. But with 202 clips to find and 3 movies to sift through, it can be somewhat difficult to make heads or tails of the timeline you're asked to construct.

As you learn the basics of Immortality, you'll come to understand that every object in a scene tells a story. That said, to develop a conclusion, you will need to uncover every last show reel, movie clip, and interview by spooling through the three time periods. Only then, once the timeline has been assembled, will you understand what happened to the beloved Marissa Marcel.

How To Find Every Clip

Immortality is broken up into three movies: Ambrosio, Minsky, and Two of Everything. To unlock the ending, you will need to uncover all 202 clips that correlate to the unreleased motion pictures. To give you a bookmark, these are the movies and the number of clips that are hidden within each:

  • Ambrosio – 76 clips
  • Minsky 69 clips
  • Two of Everything – 57 clips

You will unlock an individual achievement for finding every clip in Ambrosio, Minsky, and Two of Everything. Once you have collected all 202 clips, you will unlock the Cinephile achievement.

After sliding through the tutorial and receiving your first batch of clips, you will need to start sorting through them. To do this, simply play the clips in any order, and then enter Image Mode. After entering Image Mode, you will have the chance to move the cursor around the scene and examine key props, characters, and cast members.

To know if an item is scannable, search for the eye icon when moving the cursor around the screen. If there is a sudden change in music, it means that you are within proximity of a key area.

To complete Immortality, you will need to scan every key area in each individual clip. The key areas that you should look out for are as follows:

  • Characters/actors, mainly Marissa Marcel and her co-stars
  • Cast members, including on-screen extras
  • Clapperboards
  • Time-keeping devices (clocks, watches, digital alarm clocks)
  • Elementals (fire, water)
  • Food and drinks
  • Animals and pets
  • Outdoor scenery (skies, mountains, landmarks)
  • Weaponry (knives, guns)
  • Props (fruits, jewelry, signs, doors)
  • Sources of light (candles, fireplaces, torches)
  • Drugs (prescription pills, needles, cigarettes)

Of course, knowing exactly where to begin is half the battle. With that, you should aim to identify the actors before delving into the clapperboards and props that make up most of the scenes. To start, aim for Marissa Marcel herself, as clicking on her will lead you to a bunch of clips and take a chunk out of the archive. Once you have powered through Marissa's footage, aim for her fellow actors, and then finally the crew members.

After you have identified and unlocked all actors and crew members, you can start chewing away at the above props from the three movies. By working through these, you will unlock a nexus of additional behind the scenes footage, giving you plenty more eye-popping trinkets to identify and add to the archive.

If you happen to find yourself at a loose end, try and scan the clapperboards that appear at the beginning of most movie clips. By clicking these, you will be transported to a number of different scenes, which will help you to build a catalog of data. When all areas have been scanned, you will unlock the Cinephile achievement and be in receipt of all 202 files.

Of course, compiling all the necessary data doesn't actually unlock the ending. To get this, you will need to unearth 10 special clips that can be found stashed away within the three movies. If you work through the above checklist and gather all the scannable data, you will eventually collect the correct clips and, in turn, thread together Immortality's true ending.

Special Clips To Look Out For

In order to unveil the truth about Marissa Marcel, you will of course need to scout out the 10 special clips that are tucked away in Ambrosio, Minsky, and Two of Everything. By making the correct match-cuts and unlocking the below clips in the archive, you will learn the fate of the actress, thereby completing the timeline of events and Immortality's story.