Inkas: The Legend Is A Kickstarter Board Game That Weaves Andean History With Legend

A new Kickstarter project for a board game called Inkas: The Legend aims to preserve an oft-forgotten piece of history.

Strategy games are no stranger to history, with many tabletop titles turning the journeys and struggles of the past into puzzles. Many of the more famous ones focus on North American and European history – Ticket to Ride remembers the railroad boom that was dominated by US interests, Axis & Allies naturally covers the major players of WWII, and even more vague worlds like Catan are usually depicted as a medieval European setting. Rarely do we see South America get the spotlight.

Inkas: The Legend hopes to do just that by basing its aesthetic and gameplay on the Incan creation myth. The myth sees the Ayar siblings, children of a god, quest in search of Cusco. But Cusco is not a selfish emperor as Disney led us to believe– It is actually a promised land full of magic. The players take on the role of the siblings, competing with each other to find Cusco and claim the power of the gods. They do this by gathering warriors, making sacrifices, and journeying through the four regions of the Inka empire.

The Kickstarter page for Inkas: The Legend previews how this works in practice. The core gameplay centers around moving warriors around the circular board, clashing with opposing players’ warriors and searching for Cusco. The warriors will get detailed miniatures at higher tiers of support, with designs ranging from historical to fantastical. Likewise, their abilities offer a glimpse of the magic at play. Simple units like guides and scouts allow you to move more spaces or protect your assets. Others, like the shaman, allow you to sacrifice enemies to a god and get golden llamas in return.

Basing the game around these myths was the goal from the start, according to Inkas designer Pers. Founder Jorge Tello Aliaga wants children of Andean descent to have “superheroes” drawn from their own culture. To that end, victory in Inkas involves conquering each region using a magical staff and receiving blessings from the gods. The quest is reminiscent of many cultures’ hero’s journey, but with names directly taken from the Andean language of Quechua.

Naming elements in Quechua is crucial, Aliaga explains, as the language is still spoken today. Despite being the very tongue used in the Incan empire, people all over Peru, Ecuador, and many other nations still know it. However, Quechua is an endangered language and some estimate it will be gone in 30 years. By using it in Inkas: The Legend, Aliaga hopes to spread awareness and keep the history and legend of its people alive.

There are many wonderful cultures in the world, and yet gaming has only explored a few. Inkas: The Legend offers board game enthusiasts a chance to play in a unique mythology, golden llamas and all. Check out its Kickstarter page to learn more.

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