Iron Man VR Spoilercast & Post-Mortem: An Hour With Ryan Payton

Iron Man VR took flight on PSVR last week, and left a whole lot to discuss in its wake.

Fortunately, we got to steal game director Ryan Payton from Camouflaj for an entire hour to talk about it. Below is our full spoilercast for Iron Man VR which, yes, includes lots and lots of spoilers.

Over the course of the interview, we spoke to Payton about the game’s story, its characters and the direction Camouflaj took Tony Stark. As you probably know, the game offers a full, story-driven campaign that explores the character of Tony and the cast around him in some unique ways. We talk about the comics that inspired the story and some of the easter eggs to look out for, as well as where some of your favorite characters might be in this universe.

But that’s not all; we also went deep into some of the criticisms of the game at launch, including some of the technical issues and structure of the story/gameplay. Payton spoke candidly about the reception since launch (both the good and bad) and the nature of VR game development in 2020. If you’re wondering why the team made certain design choices or how they pulled off some technical feats, you should definitely tune in.

This one’s for both VR and Marvel enthusiasts alike, then.  Make sure to read our review and accompanying editorial on why the game shows we need PSVR 2, too.

Iron Man VR is out on PSVR now, and debuted in the #2 spot for physical games sales in the UK last week.

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