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After being 'guided' through the FilthPest's disgusting domain by Goba, the unreliable traitor, you're brought face to face with the Great Beast itself. This is one of Islets' most chaotic fights, so hopefully, you're prepared.

FilthPest has quite a lot of tricks up its absolutely horrific sleeves, but you have the tools to deal with them – and it's got pretty low health for an endgame boss, so if you've been seeking out all the upgrades, you might even make mincemeat of the boss. Here's a rundown of the fight.

FilthPest's Attacks

As you'd expect, there's a lot of filth in this fight, but also a lot of mechanical hazards to watch out for.

AttackDescriptionHow To Counter
Filthy MinesMines will spring up from the black substance underneath the platform you stand on. They fly in arcs before dropping back into the liquid. They shoot up very quickly, but they are telegraphed with a small misty animation.You'll have to be on high alert with this attack – there will be a lot of mines and they can be quite difficult to avoid. Dodge rolling through them will get you out of an emergency but might very well put you in the path of another mine, be careful.
Smiling MinesTwo large mines with smiley faces on them raise on either side of the arena. First, they will shoot out projectiles successively in a spread, starting on the outside and meeting in the middle. After this, the mines fall to the ground, where they shoot out a spread of projectiles in straight lines and all directions.To avoid the first part of the attack, stay in the middle of the stage and dodge roll through the projectiles when they threaten you. Then, dodge roll back and you'll be in the best position to simply hop over the projectiles from the second part of the attack.
Happy LasersThree small faces appear on either side of FilthPest. They will shoot lasers at the ground at an angle, which will then sweep towards the middle of the platform.Stay in the middle of the platform and perform a double jump when the lasers get very close. Then, perform a sword slam – the attack will keep you safe from the other lasers and you can get in some good damage at the same time.
Enraged BombardUpon the enrage phase change, Filth Pest will shoot out a barrage of bombs. These will fall to the ground where they will break up the platform that you're standing on. The bombs will damage you if you touch them, and falling into the black substance below will also damage you.Avoid the bombs as you would any falling projectiles, but make a note of the pieces of the platform they destroy. The platform comes back, but only after a while.
Enraged Laser EyesFilthPest will stare down at you, emitting lasers that follow your movement. They will also destroy any platform pieces they hit.Run and jump along what you can of the platform.
Enraged SmilesA ring of smiling faces emerge from FilthPest and start spinning outwards.These can be jumped over or dodged through easily once they reach your level.

How To Beat FilthPest

There are a lot of moving parts in this fight, and the second phase changes things up in a huge way thanks to the disappearing platforms.

  • There's no telling at which angle the Filthy Mines will emerge from the bottom of the screen. Try to stay away from mines about to emerge.
    • A relatively safe spot during Filthy Mines is at the very edge of the arena, underneath the wall spikes. Filthy Mines will very, very rarely ever reach that part of the screen, and if they come close, you can just dodge roll away, and then get back into position.
  • If you're struggling to avoid either the first part of the Smiling Mines attack or the Happy Lasers attack, remember that you can use your cloud platform arrows to create a barrier that lasers and projectiles cannot pierce. It will give you some temporary safety if you double jump, create a platform, and then stay beneath it – you'll need good timing for this, though.
  • Cloud platforms are also useful during the second phase of the fight – as FilthPest has some randomness to its attacks, there's a possibility that you'll need to use them to reach the other side of the screen if too much of the platform has been destroyed.
  • Once you beat FilthPest, you'll see an animation where a block lights up in the northern part of Cinder Island. If you've beaten both FilthPest and BoneGolem, you can now take on the final boss of the game.

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