Islets: How To Beat GutGhoul

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So you've finally made it to the end of Islets. You've fought your way through plenty of vicious bosses, hordes of nasty enemies, and five whole islands of traps and platforming. The final challenge before you is, in fact, the last of the Three Great Beasts: GutGhoul.

This fight has a ton going on – there are more phases and surprises than in any other fight in the game (even ClockMaker, if you can believe that), so you'll need to be paying close attention to what's happening on-screen. If you keep your wits about you, though, you should make it through unscathed. Here's how to beat GutGhoul.

GutGhoul's Attacks

So here are GutGhoul's attacks in the first part of the fight. The first thing you should notice are four familiar faces.

AttackDescriptionHow To Counter
Stone Witch IdolThe idol from the Stone Witch fight drops to the ground and moves quickly at you. It will make two passes before returning to the circle of spirits.This version of the attack isn't as quick or aggressive as the one you fought before – you can roll through both of the idol's charges easily.
Buried Beast SwordsThe Buried Beast flies off-screen and then summons the attack from the second phase of its fight. Two swords appear above you and fly down at an angle, and then two swords appear to your sides and attempt to skewer you.Just as before, you can jump or move to the side to avoid the first part of this attack, but you must jump to avoid the second or you'll get stung.
ClockMaker BarrierThe ClockMaker spirit grows large, heads to one part of the arena, and creates a large clock. If you touch the hands of the clock or the outline, you'll take damage.It's actually quite easy to just stay out of the clock. If you get caught inside, roll out of it.
Tomb SpiritsThe tomb spirit grows large, heads to one part of the screen, and starts shooting spirit heads in a moving stream.There's enough of the arena to completely avoid this attack, but dodge rolling through it is an option if you get caught.
Multi-SpiritOnce GutGhoul has used each of these spirits once, it will start using them simultaneously.You'll have to counter the mechanics used by each different spirit at the same time. The ClockMaker is the easiest to account for – just move to the other side of the arena. Pay special attention to the Buried Beast Swords, though – they are the ones you have no chance to avoid if you ignore them.

Once you get GutGhoul's health down to around half, the spirits will disappear, and GutGhoul will seem unreachable. Your ship will fall from the sky – the next part of the boss is a flying section. You'll have to deal with multiple mini-bosses before you can attack GutGhoul again.

Whenever you see a big cluster of exclamation marks, that's the signifier that a new mini-boss is spawning.

Mini-BossAttackHow To Counter
Sky PirateThe Sky Pirate shoots out waves of fish-shaped projectiles.Head to the other side of the screen to have the most room to maneuver.
MechaRatThe MechaRat shoots out single-trail versions of its Rat Beams attack.Simply avoid the mines as usual – this time it'll be easier to avoid thanks to your teleportation ability.
GrappleBotThe GrappleBot will use its Clamp and Stamp ability constantly.Thanks to the huge arena and your ability to teleport, this attack is easier than ever to avoid. Just be wary of staying too close in case you get clipped by the clamp.
Defender UnitThe Defender Unit will cycle between using Pulse Fire and EXTERMINATE.Again, thanks to the huge arena, you should have a far easier time dealing with this enemy. You can plan your teleports with far more time to spare.

Once you beat Defender Unit, GutGhoul comes out to play again. We won't spoil the rest of the fight, as it's basically scripted from here on out. That's right, once you beat Defender Unit, you've basically completed the game!

How To Beat GutGhoul

As the last boss of the game, there are a few intricacies to GutGhoul that you'll need to wrap your head around, most notably the flight section.