It Looks Like Puppy Plushies Are Coming To Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Toy Day

It might not be exactly what we’re looking for, but pet lovers are about to get a December treat thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ winter update. Puppy Plushies are coming to Nooks Cranny, and they’re semi-animated.

Fans of Nintendo’s life sim have been yearning for in-game pets since the game released at the start of the year. With no news of furry companions on the horizon, fans will have to make do with Toy Day’s Puppy Plushies. The December Christmas event will add animated plushies to Timmy and Tommy’s store for 2,400 bells each. The plushies cannot be customized, however, there will be seven variants: Chocolate, Chestnut, Whipped Cream, Strawberry, and three Green Tea editions. We swear to you that these are plushies and not desserts.

Puppy Plushies were added to the Animal Crossing fandom page, and its animated mechanics were confirmed by multiple users who used black magic to receive them ahead of Toy Day. A flurry of dataminers were able to begin gifting them to certain users ahead of the items’ release, and we can see from a handful of tweets that they function similarly to those somersault toy dogs. One islander already has the full set, and looks perfectly content to be surrounded by wagging tails and relentless barking.

Despite being bereft of in-game pets, we can’t complain about receiving more items to decorate our island with. Perhaps Nintendo has purposely held back the addition of in-game pets out of fear that it would consume gameplay, or because it would be bizarre to have a pet dog next to Isabelle. Puppy Plushies aren’t the only toys coming this Christmas however, as Animal Crossing’s elves have been busy. Dinosaur toys, Dollhouses, Tin Robots, and much more are on the way to fill your stockings too.

Back in the real world, you can get your hands on your own Animal Crossing plushies from Zavvi, which are currently 30% off. Tom Nook, K.K. Slider, Lillian, and Isabelle are all up for grabs, guaranteed to make less noise than the Puppy Plushies. There’s also a handful of sleepwear items up for grabs from Gelato Pique, designed to keep you warm and cozy through winter while you dream of furry friends arriving next year.

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