Japan’s Ten Best-Selling Games Last Week Were All Nintendo Switch Titles

Nintendo has been dominating the Japanese charts lately, and the latest figures from Famitsu are no different. For the week running from October 19 to October 25, the ten best-selling games in Japan all belong to the Nintendo Switch.

Even more impressive – Nintendo is the publisher on almost all ten titles. Only Minecraft and Pokemon Sword and Shield were published by a third-party company. Here’s the top ten list in its entirety, followed by sales figures for the week (courtesy of Nintendo Life):

  1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 23,069
  2. Ring Fit Adventure – 21,120
  3. Super Mario 3D All-Star – 10,383
  4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 8,802
  5. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – 7,691
  6. Pokemon Sword & Shield – 7,088
  7. Minecraft – 5,863
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 4,736
  9. Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics – 4,051
  10. Super Mario Party – 3,739

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to be a strong performer, as does Mario Kart 8. The latter dropped a few positions on the list compared to previous reports, although it looks like the release of Home Circuit may have cannibalized some of Mario Kart 8’s numbers.

Not surprisingly, the trend carried over to console sales. As consumers patiently await the arrival of both PS5 and Series X/S, there’s little incentive to pick up a current-gen console right now.

  1. Nintendo Switch – 48,682
  2. PlayStation 4 – 3,005
  3. PlayStation 4 Pro – 132
  4. Xbox One S – 19
  5. Xbox One X – 28

Nintendo will likely continue to dominate the charts up until the release of Xbox Series X/S on November 10. Then, just a few days later PS5 will hit the market, likely pushing Switch down to third or fourth place on the list. It’ll be interesting to see which console gets off to a better start – and, whether people prefer the Series S or Series X.

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