Judgment: Everything You Need To Know About Investigation Mode

Taking all the settings we have grown to love from the Yakuza series and putting fans on the other side of the law, Judgment is a spin-off that sees you play as lawyer-turned-detective Takayuki Yagami. Diving headfirst into the detective life, investigation is the biggest part of the job and sets up all the wildest action scenes in the game.

While a lot of the mechanics have been used for the first time in the series, Judgment doesn’t hold back from the full experience of trying to take down the seedy underground. From camouflage to high-tech equipment, it’s up to the player to use as many tools as they can to get the job done right. Here’s what you need to know.

6 You Can Disguise Yourself

Needing to be a little more discrete on sensitive missions, you’ll have to get used to changing up your outfit in the name of sneaky tactics. Luckily, Judgment isn’t exactly specific on what outfit will work, meaning Takayuki might as well be invisible.

Players can take disguises in one of two directions, hilarious or downright confusing. That’s not to say that you have complete control over what disguises you use though, only certain options are available depending on the job, but it’s never a dull time.

From Dracula costumes down to a slight change in suit, the different phases of the story will see players sport many looks throughout. Even though players don’t have free reign over their outfit, it doesn’t mean the flash and humor are drained from the experience.

5 You’ll Need To Get Good At Tailing

One of the most frustrating mechanics in the game, unless you choose to max out detective skills early, Judgment makes Takayuki follow a suspect without them catching on.

Players will have to be very careful when they begin trailing as suspects are easily spooked, not to mention the less than smooth transitions between trailing and bursting into a full-on sprint chase.

While it isn’t a complicated task to stay out of sight, it will require some finesse that will only come with experience. Sometimes the story will be delivered while you follow and split your attention, making distance control even more important.

4 There Are Chains Of Choices

While you’re out on the job and gathering information from the wide array of underground characters, picking the right choice and timing of what to say is crucial. Not only does it give some context to the case but can also land some serious SP bonus points in your lap.

Most of the time players will be able to pull it off without help as only one option will break the chain, giving you a lot of room to mix it up. The best answer will give the biggest bonus and if the numbers are what you’re after, saving the game before you start a conversation is always a good idea.

If you mess up a few times or find yourself less concerned about the SP, getting it wrong doesn’t have any major effect on the main story and you can sail through without analyzing every choice.

3 The Difference Between Quick Search And Active Search

Automatically triggered and impossible to fail, this is all about the time you can waste being stuck in these modes. Quick Search is for looking directly at a piece of evidence like a body, examining the clues that will be marked by a controller vibration.

Active Mode is where things will get a little more involved, showing an entire scene that you’ll have to scour. You can move around and scan over suspicious objects but the game won’t let you continue until you’ve met all the requirements.

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On occasion, players will hear a cat’s meow in the middle of searching. If you can spot the cat and examine it, a small 5 SP bump is your reward. Not exactly a game-changer but it is good practice for sharpening up the searching skills.

2 Photo Missions

While not the most exciting option, Photo Missions can be one of the most satisfying things about the game. Players will have to position themselves and take a picture at the right moment in order to gather the right evidence, essentially a sniper mission without all the killing.

You’ll have a list of photo requirements that you have to meet while making sure you don’t get too close and interrupt the subject. It can be a lot of things to juggle, especially when you also need good lighting.

Just like the Trailing segments, these missions all really come down to one moment. If you interfere or miss the shot, the entire mission has to be restart from scratch. If you’re skilled enough, meeting the client’s requests is even harder but will give you an SP boost when you deliver.

1 It Has A Drone Search

Instead of using your eyes to find evidence, you get to fly a drone around Kamurocho to discover clues. Limited by the search zone, the range prevents you from going too wild, focusing on the task at hand.

It won’t just be flying around the roofs of buildings either, steering the drone through offices and straight into the thick of a crime scene. Luckily, the drone is made of sturdier stuff than you’re likely to find in real life and the controls aren’t too sensitive.

Switching between points of view will help players find key pieces of evidence a lot faster and make navigating seem like a breeze.

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