Kingdom Hearts Cloud Releases Have Been Updated To Tell You When Not To Play

The latest update for Kingdom Hearts' cloud releases on Switch now includes server congestion messages that tell you when not to play.

As reported by Kotaku, update 1.03 just dropped for the Nintendo Switch versions of Kingdom Hearts and it brings with it a few changes to the games. One of them is being able to choose whether to focus on performance or visuals in Kingdom Hearts 3, something that was present in the original release of the games, while another is a little bit more interesting.

The other big feature of the patch is a new feature that displays the server congestion for the titles on the portal. The aim of this is to let players who are having trouble connecting to the games know how busy the servers are and presumably have them pick another time to play. The new feature essentially tells players when to not play Kingdom Hearts on Switch.

Although the new feature has been included as a way of trying to make players with less than comfortable experiences with the cloud releases have more chance of playing them as they're intended, it's been met with disdain by fans who still just want a native port of the games on Switch.

Some of the comments found underneath the Twitter post announcing the new update include, "For Christ sakes just give us a native port please", "Who cares, just PLEASE eventually make native ports for all the games", and "Please for the love of god just make these games NATIVE PORTS", in case you needed a reminder of how fans feel about these releases.

The cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts have been criticised ever since they were first revealed, something that didn't let up when they released to tons of glitches, connection issues, and problems that wouldn't exist if they had just been ported natively. Square hasn't ruled out native ports just yet, but as the only option for Switch owners to play Kingdom Hearts, the cloud releases have remained incredibly unpopular.

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