Kingdom Hearts Fans Are Sharing Their Favorite Quotes From The Series

Kingdom Hearts is an emotional rollercoaster of a franchise, but most fans will concede that it's one of the wackiest and confusing ever devised by creator Tetsuya Nomura. As a result, the series is full of memorable one-liners from Sora and the gang, and Kingdom Hearts fans have recently been sharing their favorites over on the game's subreddit.

As you might expect, the discussion isn't all that serious, as many people bring up Mickey Mouse's infamous "say fellas, did somebody mention the door to darkness" line which perfectly sums up the bizarre mixture of Disney charm and corny dialogue that fans of the series love. Another fan mentions Sora's very confused delivery of the "Kairi's inside me?" line, perfectly respresenting the feelings of most Kingdom Hearts newcomers.

Redditor Yamureska decided to choose chaos and dredge up lines that haunt a lot of Kingdom Hearts fans, one of which is Donald's "this might be a good spot to find some ingredients." The other two quotes are similarly irritating ones, including Goofy's "Hey, it's a lucky emblem!" and Phil's almost incessant screaming of "Get up on the Hydra's back!" during the Hydra boss fight in Olympus Colosseum in Kingdom Hearts 2.

It's not all just silly quotes and infuriating voice lines that fans have mentioned though, as Kingdom Hearts does have its tender moments. One such moment is when Roxas meets Sora for the first time in Kingdom Hearts 2, as Redditor -Sairax- enjoys the delivery and emotion behind the quote "Looks like my summer vacation is over." Similarly, Redditor AlbYSaN0 mentions the quote "I'll always be there to bring you back" from Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for similar reasons.

There are plenty of other great quotes mentioned, but to avoid this article becoming as confusing as the Kingdom Hearts series itself we'll stop here. The thread has hundreds of comments though, so if this indicates anything, it's that Kingdom Hearts has definitely touched a lot of people, whether that be through some unintentionally cheesy dialogue or through some genuinely heartfelt moments that will stick with fans for a long time.

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