Laura Bailey Would "Definitely" Be Up For Returning To Play Abby In The Last Of Us Part 3

Laura Bailey, the actor behind Abby Anderson in The Last of Us Part 2, has confirmed that she'd return to play Abby in a third game if the opportunity came up, calling her time with the character one of her "most influential roles".

Considering how popular The Last of Us is, it seems inevitable that we'll be getting a part three at some point in the future, something that Naughty Dog has even admitted to having a story outline for. One popular fan theory is that the third game in the series might focus on Abby and Lev's adventures after finding the Fireflies, instead of going back to Ellie for the third time.

Although that's just a fan theory about what a potential third game could focus on, it just got a tiny bit closer to reality as the actor behind Abby, Laura Bailey, recently said in an interview with Comic Book Movie that she'd "definitely" go back to play the character again, noting the backlash towards her but still calling it one of the most "influential" roles that she's had so far.

Bailey said, "I would definitely go back to her. I know there was a lot of drama and response to her character, but it was one of the most influential roles I’ve had in my life. I would 100 percent go back to play more Abby if the opportunity came up". Bailey also commented on the upcoming HBO Max release, saying that it "looks amazing" and that she cannot wait to see more of it. We're with her there.

It seems like we're going to be waiting some time for a third game in The Last of Us series, anyway, as fans have speculated that Naughty Dog hid a concept image of its next project in The Last of Us Part 1, and it looks to be something brand new and much more steeped in fantasy. Still, if it ever decides to revisit The Last of Us (which it totally will, it's already revisited the first game three times in a decade), then a third game featuring Abby looks like it'd be easy to set in motion.

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