League Of Legends Previews Udyr’s Visual And Gameplay Update

It looks like Udyr is getting some love from Riot as the next character to receive a visual and gameplay update in League of Legends. First added way back in 2009, Udyr has always been a strong physical fighter. As a shaman from the Winter's Claw tribe in the harsh Freljorn region, Udyr offered guidance and communion with the very active demigods of Runeterra.

Unfortunately, Udyr's auto attack-focused kit never made him particularly interesting to play, and it shows in his pick rates. Rated a solid C-tier by Meta SRC, Udry is definitely a champion in need of some help.

And it looks like he's getting that help. Riot's latest gameplay trailer, shown above, reveals a vastly different shaman than before. For starters, Udyr has received a shamanistic makeover. Gone are the antlers and the bearskin cloak in favor of a bare chest and a belt of monk beads similar to his Spirit Guard costume. He's also got a few phoenix feathers in his hair to further enhance his attunement with the elements.

Speaking of elements, Udyr's abilities have received an equally impressive revamp. The Tiger and Turtle stances are gone in favor of the Ram and Boar stances. The Ram stance, which seems to reference League's god of forging and craftsmanship Ornn, appears to offer a gap-closer, while the Boar stance provides enormous defensive benefits.

Udyr's Bear stance, meanwhile, has been remodeled with additional lightning damage. A development article from several months ago shows arc lightning chaining across several targets, which you can also see represented later on in the trailer. Finally, the new Phoenix stance offers Udyr a true ultimate, providing a huge AOE that slows enemies caught in the swirling tempest.

It’s good to see Riot spending time to look at League’s older champions. While new champions are always exciting and offer great opportunities to expand on League’s lore, there are plenty of forgotten characters that could be great again if given a little tuning.

Keep an eye out for Udyr, The Spirit Walker’s refresh in your League game client.

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