Magic: The Gathering – Every Holiday Promo Card, Ranked

Since 2006, Magic: The Gathering has released a yearly Holiday Promo card to celebrate good times, friends, and MTG. These cards are often a mix of silly Magic-inspired takes on holiday traditions and small but interesting changes to traditional Magic cards.

Holiday Promo cards are special cards that are typically given to select stores and players who contribute to the game. These cards are fairly rare, and are not legal for play in any format other than casual play. While a holiday-themed deck might be out, these are still fun cards to collect from Magic’s history.

16/16 Bog Humbugs

Hopefully, you’re good at humming if you’re looking to play with Bog Humbugs. This festive card has you hum a little holiday tune when it deals combat damage to a player. The flavor text to Bog Humbugs is a few notes from the classic holiday song Jingle Bells.

15/16 Evil Presents

Sometimes even the best gift giver can’t find the right gift, but with Evil Presents you can give players creatures from your hand. Sure, that creature will break the rules a little bit and still attack your opponent every turn, but it’s the thought that counts during the holiday season.

14/16 Goblin Sleigh Ride

Sledding is one of the most iconic winter activities for the snowy months, and when Goblins are involved it gets a little chaotic. This card is likely a reference to Goblin Rock Sled, a weird card from The Dark that also features a goblin having fun but in a much less snowy way.

Goblin Sleigh Ride also features flavor text referencing the 1968 holiday classic song Sleigh Ride, with a Goblin twist on the lyrics.

13/16 Some Disassembly Required

This interesting enchantment breaks down a creature to its base components by sacrificing it and redistributing its keywords to other creatures you control for a turn.

Another wild twist is that if you’re playing this card during December you gain life every time you activate its ability. Some Disassembly Required comes with a fairly creepy flavor text, implying that whoever is operating the vat in the art is looking to sacrifice Santa or another jolly holiday character for their keywords.

12/16 Naughty // Nice

Nobody wants to make Santa’s list but with Naughty // Nice, the Naughty list might be best. For just three mana you get to search another player’s library for a card and add it to your hand. If you’re looking to get back into Santa’s (and your opponent’s) good graces, you can gift your opponent a card from your deck instead. Give the gift that keeps on giving with this card and spread some holiday joy with your own cards.

11/16 Yule Ooze

Every time someone brings the Yule Ooze to dinner something is going to get broken or some distant cousin goes missing. Even if someone wants to get rid of the Yule Ooze all you have to do is eat a little food, spend a little mana, and it regenerates.

10/16 Last-Minute Chopping

Going shopping around the holidays is a stressful time and inevitably someone falls through the cracks. With Last-Minute Chopping, you can take advantage of their lack of gift-giving by getting a card no matter what they did.

Last-Minute Chopping features the two rival siblings Gisa and Geralf, who likely would rather not pick up a present for each other but do so out of sibling obligations.

9/16 Fruitcake Elemental

The original Holiday Promo card, Fruitcake Elemental is a play on the holiday tradition of either buying or baking a terrible fruitcake and then passing it around to family and friends for the next sixteen years until someone decides to toss it out. For just three generic mana you can now do the same in Magic!

8/16 Season's Beatings

A play on the expression ‘season’s greetings’ often used around the holidays, Season’s Beatings features a Goblin family celebrating in the traditional roughhouse sort of way Goblins are. For four red mana, you get to have one of your opponent's creatures randomly deal damage to each other. Not a guaranteed board wipe but bound to be a good time for everyone except the player you choose to target.

7/16 Snow Mercy

Everyone loves a good snow globe and one based on the card No Mercy is pretty silly. By tapping and untapping Snow Mercy a total of five times you can tap all creatures with a globe counter on it.

Even the artwork features a holiday twist on the artwork from No Mercy, with all the Phyrexians and machines trapped inside the snow globe.

6/16 Stocking Tiger

On the night before Christmas, there is one creature stirring and that's the Stocking Tiger. When it enters the battlefield you get to place an entire booster pack underneath it, doesn’t matter what set or even the size of the pack. You can reach into the stocking and unwrap your present when the Tiger deals damage to a player.

5/16 Mishra's Toy Workshop

Santa’s workshop has nothing on Mishra and his Toy Workshop, though the toy torture chamber might be a more appropriate name based on the art. The mana Mishra’s Toy Shop can only be spent on cards and abilities that produce tokens.

The best part of Mishra’s Toy Shop is that it forces you to use toys as tokens so if you plan on using it in your deck make sure to stock up on little figures and toys to display your tokens.

4/16 Gifts Given

Inspired by one of the best blue spells in Magic, Gifts Given flips the table on the holiday spirit and encourages your opponent to give you an early holiday present. You get to grab four unique cards from your opponent's deck and then your opponent chooses two to give to you and two to put into their graveyard! It’s a win-win situation for you at least!

3/16 Thopter Pie Network

The ideal time to play Thopter Pie Network is during dinner or snacking during the holidays. So long as you’re munching on something while playing you get a 1/1 Thopter token with flying but you have to use food to represent the token and no cheating with a Food token either. Just make sure to keep your playmat clean or consider using a plate while playing with this card!

2/16 Decorated Knight

During the holidays you may find yourself traveling or out and about while visiting friends and family. Decorated Knight recreates this feeling by swapping your deck out with another deck that you own thanks to its Adventure spell, Present Arms. Keep up the holiday cheer by cherishing the places you visit while returning home whenever Decorated Knight attacks to draw a card from your original deck.

1/16 Topdeck The Halls

Decorating for the holidays is one of the best feelings around and with Topdeck the Halls you can win a game if you take some extra effort to decorate your deck too. With twelve or more decorated permanents in play, you win the game!

A decorated card could be a promo or alternate art card, some type of alternate frame, or even a foil card, anything to make it look a little fancier. The art is even a throwback to the Stronghold card Dream Halls which is a nice little touch.

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