Magic: The Gathering – The 10 Best Blue Board Wipes

In Magic: The Gathering's Commander format, cards from all throughout MTG's history are playable (so long as they aren't banned or illegal). Thanks to this, many archetypes are playable, and answers to different decks are needed. One of the most common ways to respond to large boards of permanents is board wipes.

Mono-Blue does not generally have creature destruction in its color pie. Instead, blue board wipes are often mass-bounce spells, returning cards to their controller's hands. Some of the best Mono-Blue board wipes have options to make them one-sided, allowing you to keep your progress on the battlefield while setting everyone else back.

10 Kederekt Leviathan

Kederekt Leviathan is a fantastic blue board wipe, as it's one that can easily be repeatable. When it hits the battlefield, all nonland permanents are put back into their owners' hands. Kederekt Leviathan sticks around, allowing you to have a respectable 5/5 creature on the battlefield.

Kederekt Leviathan also has unearth, allowing it to come back into the battlefield if it's ever removed. It does get exiled after the fact, but if it's in the graveyard every one of your opponents will have to play around it, lest they risk getting set back to square one.

9 Scourge Of Fleets

Scourge Of Fleets is a board wipe attached to a creature. It's best in Mono-Blue, since its effect relies on how many Islands you control. It does cost a hefty bit of mana, but for getting it on the battlefield all of your opponent's creatures will return to the hand, so long as their toughness is less than the number of Islands you control.

While it has a high casting cost, late-game, this can be worth it as it only affects your opponents. Since it's likely coming onto the battlefield when you already have a large number of creatures, after Scourge Of Fleets hits the battlefield you can swing in for massive damage.

8 Engulf The Shore

Engulf The Shore is similar to Scourge Of Fleets, having the same effect when it's cast; returning creatures with toughness less than the number of Islands you control. While not a creature, what makes Engulf The Shore so powerful is that it is an instant.

Many board wipes tend to be at sorcery speed, so being able to cast Engulf The Shore whenever you'd like is fantastic. If an opponent tries to flood the battlefield with creatures, you can cast Engulf The Shore after all their mana is spent, setting them back to square one. It's even better against token decks, as this will get rid of the token creatures permanently.

7 Evacuation

Evacuation is a step up from Engulf The Shore but costs an extra blue mana to cast. However, unlike Engulf The Shore, Evacuation will return all creatures to their owners' hands with no other restriction. It is still an instant, allowing you to set back your opponents for large tempo swings after they tap out.

Evacuation slots in perfectly with control decks, especially ones that do not play many creatures. This makes an already strong board wipe better, as it lets you ensure your life is safe since you're putting creatures back to the hand.

6 Whelming Wave

Whelming Wave is unique in that it's a one-sided board wipe if you're playing a certain deck. If you're playing a tribal deck taking advantage of Krakens, Leviathans, Octopuses, and/or Serpents, then Whelming Wave is a must-include. For four mana, all creatures that don't have that typing are returned to the hand.

Since these are all fairly uncommon creature types, odds are it will act as a full board wipe, returning all creatures to the hand. The types that stick around are often strong, allowing you to swing in for massive damage to the opponents who are left defenseless.

5 Crush Of Tentacles

Crush Of Tentacles is a blue board wipe that hits not just creatures, but all nonland permanents as well. It does cost a hefty six mana to cast generally, but to set back the rest of the players it's worth it to buy yourself some more time to get to your win condition.

Crush Of Tentacles is unique in that it has an effect exclusive to Two-Headed Giant, allowing you to cast it for less so long as your teammate also cast a spell. This will also give you a strong 8/8 token to attack the players who had just lost their board.

4 Devastation Tide

Devastation Tide is a unique board wipe that lets you cast it cheaply if it's the card you draw for a turn, thanks to miracle. Even without paying its miracle cost, Devastation Tide only costs five mana, which is not too hefty for a board wipe.

Devastation Tide returns all nonland permanents to their owners' hands. If you do get off the miracle cost, then you will likely be able to begin casting the permanents who had to return to your hand right away, putting you at an advantage compared to the rest of your opponents.

3 The Phasing Of Zhalfir

The Phasing Of Zhalfir is a Saga that utilizes the read ahead mechanic, allowing you to skip to anywhere on the Saga. The first two chapters will simply phase out a permanent until The Phasing Of Zhalfir leaves, which lets you ensure your best creatures won't fall victim to the board wipe.

Once it hits chapter three, all creatures are destroyed and replaced with 2/2 tokens. Though the opponent still gets creatures, the trade-off of getting rid of a game-ending creature for a token with no abilities is more than worth it.

2 Curse Of The Swine

Curse Of The Swine is a phenomenal board wipe, especially for blue decks that don't have access to traditional ones. It does require you to pay X for each creature you target. These are exiled and replaced with 2/2 tokens.

What makes Curse Of The Swine better than other board wipes in blue is that it exiles. It shuts off the opponent from playing them again easily, and avoids death triggers since the creatures don't die, but rather, are exiled instead. This gets around indestructible as well, making it easy to get rid of potentially problematic creatures.

1 Cyclonic Rift

Cyclonic Rift is the face of blue board wipes. At instant speed, Cyclonic Rift can return all nonland permanents the opponents control back to their hand. If needed, you can cast it for two mana to return just one. However, you'll always be wanting to pay its overload cost, as it hits the entire game.

It being instant speed allows you to set all of your opponents back before you even start your turn. Cyclonic Rift not affecting you at all, while being able to be cast at practically any point so long as you have mana, makes it the best blue board wipe by a rather significant margin.

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