Magic: The Gathering – The 8 Best Uncommon Cards In Dominaria United

Dominaria is Magic: The Gathering's most iconic setting, so there's no better time for Wizards of the Coast to introduce powerful common and uncommon cards that call back to the older days of the game. Thankfully for us, it's looking like Dominaria United will not disappoint in this regard.

One of the greatest benefits of having powerful commons and uncommons is that Standard decks become that much cheaper to build. For a constantly rotating format like Standard, it can be unreasonable for a lot of players to spend hundreds of dollars on a deck, only to see its value reduced to a fraction of that price by the time they sell their cards. Thanks to the introduction of these powerful uncommons, you can rest easy that Standard will be that much more accessible.

8 Prayer Of Binding

White's premium removal spell might answer anything that your opponent can present, but four mana is a lot to pay for this effect. The flash keyword and gaining two life are nice add-ons, but they don't make up for the high initial mana cost of this card.

Nonetheless, you'll be happy to play Prayer of Binding in your Limited decks. Furthermore, it wouldn't be surprising to see this card included in a number of Standard decks that feature bounce mechanics, but such an archetype hasn't been viable in quite some time.

7 Battlewing Mystic

A two-power flying creature for two is already a great deal. Add to that a kicker that costs a single red and stands to net you two cards, and you've got a card that's punching above uncommon rarity.

All that being said, Battlewing Mystic does require you to discard your hand before it draws you two cards. However, Limited decks often run out of steam rather quickly. If Battlewing Mystic or Mystic and a land are the last cards in your hand anyways, the draw two basically comes at no cost at all.

6 Aron, Benalia's Ruin

This Phyrexian is shaping up to be the best uncommon Limited bomb of the set. It can't be removed with Cut Down, and it synergizes quite well with the abundant tokens available in black and white. Furthermore, the effect of adding a counter to every creature on your side of the battlefield is pretty hard to beat, assuming you're sacrificing tokens to activate it repeatedly.

Menace is just the icing on top of everything else Aron has to offer. At a mana value of three, this is one threat that you're going to need to answer sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the game will likely get away from you in short order.

5 Hurloon Battle Hymn

It looks like Lightning Helix now has a big brother. Hurloon Battle Hymn isn't nearly as good as Lightning Helix, but it will still be a premium removal spell in Dominaria Limited. The flexibility of casting this card for three or four is nice to have, and gaining four life will certainly be worth a single mana in many cases.

Furthermore, red Limited decks don't need to play white in order to include this card in their mainboard. It's good enough without the kicker, which is a good benchmark for any kicker spell to meet.

4 Cult Conscript

This is a great one drop for any aggressive deck playing black, though it's kind of a shame that it's a Skeleton and not a Zombie. Nonetheless, Cult Conscript offers an easy method of repeatedly putting a body onto the battlefield.

No doubt any deck looking to make use of sacrifice synergies will be interested in this useful replayable creature. More than that though, Cult Conscript is a good aggressive creature that will be sure to win more than a handful of grindy games to come.

3 Phoenix Chick

Mono-Red players receive an incredible one drop in the form of this fiery little hatchling. Flying and haste are the perfect keywords for a fast, aggressive creature like this, but Phoenix Chick has even more to offer in the mid-late game.

If your opponents happen to remove this fiery bird, they'll probably end up paying for it. Once you manage to attack with three creatures, you can pay two red and return Phoenix Chick to the battlefield with an additional counter, tapped, and attacking in the same combat. Yeah, that's going to burn.

2 Tail Swipe

Just when Blizzard Brawl finally rotated, green players are being gifted an even better version of an already incredible card. If you were tired of facing down Mono-Green decks in the previous Standard season, you'd better buckle up because Tail Swipe is going to keep the green gravy train rolling.

Tail Swipe is better than its predecessor for two reasons: it's an instant, and it doesn't have to be played in a Mono-Green deck. One open green mana might not be something that you're used to being afraid of, but it will be soon enough.

1 Cut Down

Bloodchief's Thirst was a good removal spell, but Cut Down is a great one. Access to removal cards like this makes midrange and control decks much more playable, as it allows them to reliably respond to aggressive turn-one plays.

Cut Down will deal with almost every creature up to a three-mana value, making it an incredibly mana-efficient card. Expect to see this cast a lot in the coming weeks. You're looking at the new best removal in Standard.

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