Magic: The Gathering’s Unfinity Previews Begin Tuesday September 20

Immediately after Wizards of the Coast gave us a full week of previews for the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 Commander crossover, now we’re getting another full week of Unfinity previews. Magic: The Gathering’s head designer confirmed previews will begin starting tomorrow at 9 AM PT during this week’s WeeklyMTG broadcast.

"Tune in tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20) on the official Magic YouTube channel or at 9 AM to watch WeeklyMTG where we'll kickoff the week-long Unfinity preview," wrote Rosewater. "Blake Rasmussen and I will talk through the set including showing off Attractions and a number of exciting preview cards."

Rosewater also provided us with an enormous list of hints at upcoming Unfinity cards that are somewhat vaguer than his usual pre-preview teasers.

Beebles, a staple of Magic's Un-sets, will make their triumphant return of course, while descriptions of other cards are far less helpful. There's going to be "a card that makes flying Cat tokens," "a common command," "an enchantment subtype appears on an artifact for the first time," and "a card which requires you to use pantomime." No art or other descriptors were provided, so your guess is as good as anyone else's.

For those unaware, Unfinity is the fifth of Magic's long-running Un-sets. The theme for this set is Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun, which is basically a carnival that takes place in space. Teaser art for the set has revealed plenty of strange creatures wearing bombastic outfits that are clearly intended to put on a show for a pangalactic audience. Expect robots, flying cars, and a certain "Lost In Space" aesthetic.

Early previews have revealed Unfinity will bring full-art lands, the return of Shock lands, and also that certain cards will be legal in other Magic formats. Usually, Un-set cards are only legal to play in specific Un-set games, but now, Unfinity card that doesn't have an acorn symbol at the bottom will be playable in Magic's eternal formats.

There will certainly be more surprises in store for us in tomorrow’s WeeklyMTG, so as Rosewater suggested, stay tuned. Unfinity arrives on October 7.

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