Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Third Wave Of DLC Includes Maple Treeway, Launches December 7

Nintendo silenced rumors that it was working on a new Mario Kart game this year by revealing what was actually happening is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be getting DLC. The Booster Course Pass is made up of six waves, and it has now been revealed when wave three will be available and which courses it will include.

Wave three of Mario Kart's Boost Course Pass will roll out on December 7, 2022. Leading the way when it comes to the tracks being added to the game is Maple Treeway. First introduced in Mario Kart Wii, the returning track gets a large chunk of the focus in the trailer below confirming wave three's release date and eight new tracks.

Also on the docket is Boo Lake. Much older than Maple Treeway, the spooky course made its Mario Kart debut on the Game Boy Advance. Mobile game Mario Kart Tour will also be getting in on the action again as its London Loop will be a part of the new Rock Cup once the third wave of tracks is officially added to the game next month. Completing the Rock Cup will be the 3DS's Rock Rock Mountain.

Each wave of the DLC so far has added eight returning courses split across two cups. Wave three will be no different, and the headliner in what has been dubbed the Moon Cup is probably Rainbow Road. Yes, there are already a number of Rainbow Road iterations in the newest Mario Kart game, and now the 3DS version of the series' most iconic track will be added to the rotation. Elsewhere in the Moon Cup you'll find Tour's Berlin Byways, Peach Gardens, and Merry Mountain.

Mario Kart's Booster Course Pass is still available to buy, granting you access to the two previous waves of tracks and then the rest of them as they are gradually rolled out. Subscribing to NSO's Expansion Pack will also unlock the DLC. Even if you haven't opted for either of those things, you can still play the new tracks by going online. If any of the racers you're against have the Booster Course Pass or Expansion Pack, then players will be able to vote for the new tracks as and when they pop up.

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