Marvel Snap: 10 Best Locations

The gameplay in Marvel Snap is all about controlling the board's three locations. Each has a big impact on the game, and some locations aren't easily held. There are a few locations, however, that stand out above the rest; when they appear, claiming them becomes a top priority.

We've looked at every location in Marvel Snap and listed the best ones. They might not appear in every game, but you'll always be glad they did. Whether they provide a critical bonus to the player that controls them or just give a useful one-time bonus, these are the locations you want to see on the board.

10/10 Dark Dimension

Players who like to keep their opponents guessing can take advantage of Dark Dimension to hide their intentions. Cards played to Dark Dimension aren't revealed until the end of the game, setting the stage for last-second upsets, combos, and surprises.

Delaying your biggest reveals until the game is locked in can cause your opponent to think they have an advantage when they don't. If you think your opponent might be on to you, you can try the opposite tactic, filling Dark Dimension with weak cards so that they over-commit to defending it!

9/10 Cloning Vats

You can only have one copy of each card in your deck, but that's not the case when Cloning Vats is in play! Any card played to Cloning Vats is copied to the player's hand, letting them play more on subsequent turns.

Not only does this location let you copy your best cards, but the copies retain any stat boosts the original received when it resolved. Cards that gain power boosts when revealed, or those that are merged with Hulkbuster Armor, create even larger clones!

8/10 Daily Bugle

On the surface, the Daily Bugle doesn't have a flashy or impressive ability. When it's revealed, each player receives a copy of a card from their opponent's hand. Sometimes you get lucky, and the card is actually useful in your deck, but the real benefit is information.

Knowing one of the twelve cards in your opponent's deck can give you an idea of what they're planning. Sometimes you can even anticipate their finisher and plan around it!

7/10 Hell's Kitchen

Low-cost cards are an important part of every winning strategy. They ensure that you start the game on the right foot, and can support your bigger cards in later turns. Hell's Kitchen helps keep your deck's momentum by ensuring you have a cheap card to play.

When Hell's Kitchen is revealed, both players draw a card from their decks that costs one energy, if such a card exists. This can save a game from a bad opening hand, or maintain consistency in the mid-game.

6/10 Muir Island

Muir Island is the kind of location that should become a priority as soon as it is revealed. Each card there gets a permanent power increase at the end of every turn, so it's important to get as many cards down as quickly as possible.

Muir Island is a great target for one-energy cards like Hawkeye or Elektra, but Nightcrawler is arguably the best card to play here. Have him wait out the game, building up power over several turns, then teleport him to wherever he's needed on the final turn.

5/10 Elysium

No location lets you get more out of your turns than Elysium. As long as it's on the board, Elysium reduces the cost of cards in players' hands by one. This means free one-drops, cheap midrange cards, and early finishers!

The best decks are built with the game's energy curve in mind, but getting your cards out earlier is never a bad thing.

4/10 Baxter Building

The player that controls the Baxter Building has a very good shot at winning the game, so you can expect to see this location heavily contested when it appears. Whichever player is winning this location gets three additional power at both of the others!

Games can be won or lost by a single point, so holding the Baxter Building is essential. In effect, it's like having two more cards in play. While it's not necessarily hard to make up a three point deficit, it's always better to be the one forcing your opponent to catch up than to be catching up yourself.

3/10 Wakandan Embassy

The appearance of the Wakandan Embassy ensures that the match will be a high-powered one. When it's revealed, every card currently in players' hands gets a permanent bonus of two power. Copies, combos, and multipliers will all take that extra power into account, so the player that is best able to leverage it will come out on top.

2/10 Kamar-Taj

On Reveal effects are the most common types of card text in Marvel Snap. They occur when their card is turned face-up, and form a core part of the game's strategy. Kamar-Taj kicks decks into overdrive by causing On Reveal effects played there to happen twice.

Forge, Wolfsbane, and Yondu are only a few of the many, many cards that become incredibly powerful when played to Kamar-Taj. Being able to leverage the location's utility when it's available is sure to win you some games.

1/10 The Nexus

Whenever it appears, both players should abandon any previous strategy and take the Nexus at all costs. A player's power at the Nexus is also applied to both of the other locations – if holding the Baxter Building makes it easier to win, holding the Nexus practically guarantees it.

You'll still need to have at least some presence at the other locations – after all, your opponent will have lots of power at the Nexus too! Otherwise, send your best cards to the Nexus a fight for it with everything you've got.

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