Marvel Snap: The 10 Best On Reveal Effects

When considering what type of deck to play in Marvel Snap, one focused around On Reveal effects is one of the most fun archetypes to play. Playing around showing your cards and reading your opponent’s next move while controlling their side of the board is a blast.

On Reveal cards focus around causing a one time effect on the board. It won’t last long, but it can cause some serious disruption to the battlefield. Heroes like Ironheart and Okoye give your side some much appreciated power, while villains like Killmonger and Elektra can take care of some of your opponent’s more troublesome one-cost cards.

10/10 Elektra – Destroy A One-Cost Card

For one energy, Elektra will help either clear a pesky one cost enemy unit later in the game, or give you an early advantage on the first turn. Her On Reveal ability allows her to destroy a random enemy 1-cost card at the location you play her.

While not the strongest card in Marvel Snap, Elektra certainly packs enough of a punch to be a good early game, low cost unit on your board. Plus, with some help from your other cards, her power can be bumped up until she’s a serious menace.

9/10 Killmonger – Destroy All The One-Cost Cards

Like Elektra, Killmonger will get rid of a pesky one-cost card, but unlike her, Killmonger’s On Reveal effect lets him Destroy All 1-cost cards.

Keep in mind, this includes both your opponent’s cards as well as your own. Still, if you plan to have a fairly light early-game deck, then Killmonger will do more damage to your opponent than to you. Additionally, he is a very good mid-game card at three cost and three power, letting you make an informed decision on whether to play him when the chance arrives.

8/10 Cable – What’s Yours Is Mine

Cable’s major focus is to take your opponent’s cards and use them against them. However, it's pretty random. Cable’s On Reveal effect lets you take the bottom card in your opponent’s deck and put it into your hand.

While a bit more random, taking advantage of your foe’s own cards is never a bad thing. The value of Cable’s ability only gets better the longer a game goes on, as the chances of stealing an integral card become greater. Truly a menacing two-energy card for your midgame.

7/10 Okoye – We Need More Power

One of the better two-cost cards out there, Okoye’s On Reveal ability gives every card in your deck +1 Power. That means your cards, from your small low-cost units to your heavy hitters, are going to get a much needed power bonus to help you take those locations.

You’ll want to do your best to play Okoye early for the benefit of your whole deck, and if you’re running a low-cost swarm deck, she’s the perfect fit. Not to mention, a two-power two-cost card is always nice to have.

6/10 Ironheart – Better For Everyone

A three-cost card with zero power, Ironheart isn’t as powerful on her own. But her On Reveal ability lets you choose three other cards to give +2 power to. That’s six extra power across the board, helping you take some locations you might be lagging behind at.

Also, remember that your other cards, like Okoye – who will help bolster weaker cards like Ironheart, will let you focus on their abilities over their raw stats.

5/10 Wolfsbane – Beef Up This Location

The first X-Men member on the list, and Wolfsbane comes in strong. Where heroes like Ironheart help you beef up some target cards, Wolfsbane lets you beef up the cards at a single location. Her On Reveal ability gives +2 power for each other card you have at the location you play her at.

You’ll want to hold on to Wolfsbane for a while, until two or three other cards are at the location at least. That way you can get maximum value when you finally put her into the battle.

4/10 Enchantress – Take Away Ongoing Abilities

Enchantress is one of the best disruption cards in the game. Now that the cards are starting to cost a bit more, they need to pack a punch to justify their cost, and Enchantress is a wonderful mid to late game play. She costs four energy to get out, and has four power, which already makes her a break even card.

However, her On Reveal ability lets you remove the abilities from all Ongoing cards at the location she is played. This will help you counter any super powerful Ongoing effects in play, and to win a location or two.

3/10 Spider-Woman – Power Sink

Another hero that costs four energy and has four power, Spider-Woman is here to help even the playing field against an opponent with far too much power.

Her On Reveal ability afflicts all enemy cards at a location with -1 power. At maximum value, she can reduce the enemy side’s power by four permanently. Pair her with some other On Reveal cards, like Odin, and that power is doubled, helping you swing the battle in your favor.

2/10 White Tiger – Bob! Do Something

Five cost cards. Played on the second to last turn, these cards need to offer a decently large power spike to justify their cost. White Tiger does just that, at least for your other locations.

While she is only a 1 power card herself, her On Reveal ability adds a 7-power Tiger to another location. It’s recommended you place her on a location you know you’re going to lose so that you can beef up one of the other two you’ll need to snag victory.

1/10 Odin – ANOTHER!

The one-eyed All-father himself, Odin stacks the battlefield as an absolute beast for your turn six card. For six energy, he delivers eight power to the location you play him. While that isn’t as much as some heroes, he makes up for it with his On Reveal ability.

When Odin is revealed, you get to activate all of the On Reveal abilities of your cards at his location. Try putting your powerful ability cards, like White Tiger, Okoye, or Ironheart, into one location, then play Odin there to give yourself an incredible turn six power spike.

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