Marvel’s Midnight Suns: All Hunter’s Journal Locations

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The main storyline of Marvel’s Midnight Suns revolves around your character, The Hunter, teaming up with a team of superheroes to defeat their mother, Lilith, across a series of turn-based tactical battles. But alongside this, The Hunter is struggling to put his memories together after a long time in deep sleep.

Between battles, you get to explore the grounds of the Abbey you’re all staying in. The deeper you search, you more journal pages you find about the people you grew up with, and slowly you will begin to fill in holes in your own backstory. Here we’ll describe where you can find all the missing pages from the Hunter’s Journal.

You can find half the Hunter’s Journal pages with just the first Word of Power. But you’re going to need to have learned all four before you can complete the collection.

Early Game Hunter’s Journal Pages

April 3, 1703

You’ll receive the first page of Hunter’s Journal, from April 3, 1703, the first time you arrive in your room at the Abbey. The page is on the table next to your bed.

February 20, 1708

Enter Dreamer’s Descent from the Abbey and go down the steps just past the wall. At the bottom turn right a little and walk up the hill through the trees. Near the top, you’ll see an overturned wheelbarrow, bucket, and barrel. Hunter’s Journal for February 20, 1708, sits on the side of the wheelbarrow.

June 26, 1710

From the Standing Stones east of Stone Terrace and the Abbey, take the path down to the west and follow it to the end past your old play fort. Hunter’s Journal for June 26, 1710, rests on the floor on top of some planks in the stone remains of a small building just beyond the fort, at the dead-end.

July 15, 1710

If you’re facing Agatha’s Altar, walk to your left and go up the steps next to the pillar. At the top of the steps, turn right and walk over to the large section of stone wall with the archway in it. There’s a large flat square piece of stone on the grounds covered in carvings. Next to that, there’s a barrel, and on some planks next to the barrel is Hunter’s Journal for July 15, 1710.

September 8, 1712

If you start out at the Standing Stones, follow the path downhill that leads northeast. When it forks at the bottom, turn left (northwest) until you get to a crossroads of paths with the small stone bridge going over you. Go under the bridge and just beyond it, you’ll see a barrel on your right by the path. The Hunter’s Journal for September 8, 1712, is resting on the barrel.

November 3, 1712

Use fast travel to go to Dreamer’s Descent. Start walking west back towards the Abbey, and you’ll see a few planks on the ground just before the broken stone archway. On those planks is Hunter’s Journal for November 3, 1712.

Pages You Will Need Word Of Power Open To Access

March 20, 1711

Fast travel to Everflowing Glades and spin around to face south. Just off the path, you’ll see a barrel and a bucket, both on their sides. It’s the spot where you’ll find Wanda while you’re trying to complete the third Moon Seal quest. You’ll spot Hunter’s Journal for March 20, 1711, right there next to the barrel.

December 15, 1711

Head north from Valley of the Winds to Shaw’s Church, taking the right fork in the road and staying right, following it to its end. If this is your first time in the church, you’ll need to use Word of Power Open on the back door of the church and then the back room of the study to get into the backyard. Once in the yard, look to your left, and you’ll see Hunter’s Journal for December 15, 1711, next to the wheelbarrow.

Pages You Will Need The Power Word Purify To Access

August 14, 1710

From the Garden of Eden fast travel arrival point, take the path heading northwest from the crossroads. Take the first right-hand turn and follow the path northeast towards where the road is blocked and take the left turn northwest again just before you reach it. As you approach the cave, take another left just before you get to it and on the left, you’ll see a barrel standing by the path. Just there you’ll find Hunter’s Journal for August 14, 1710.

Pages You Will Need Word Of Power Break To Access

July 13, 1712

Head over to Everflowing Glade and take the south path down to where the path is blocked. Take it down with Word of Power Break and continue south into Gideon’s Cross. Keep going until you pass under the large stone bridge, then look out for a stone dais on your right just before where you see Gideon’s Cross written on the map. On it lies Hunter’s Journal for July 13, 1712.

August 18, 1710

From the Garden of Envy fast travel landing point, head along the path directly south and break through the barrier blocking your way into Misty Moors. Walk along the path a short distance, and you’ll see a barrel and a few slabs on the ground just off the path on the right, along with Hunter’s Journal for August 18, 1710.

September 23, 1710

From the main Garden of Envy crossroads, take the path heading northwest and stay on it as it turns west. You can now break through the blockage on this path, so do that and keep heading west into Devil’s Den. Just before the path west ends in a T-junction, you’ll see a torch on your left next to a small pile of stones. On the stones, you’ll find Hunter’s Journal for September 23, 1710.

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