Mass Effect: Schells The Gambler Walkthrough

Mass Effect is full of optional assignments that you can undertake, earning you some decent rewards and experience points, as well as sometimes earning you Paragon and Renegade points depending on the choices you make. Sometimes these quests will even offer an additional little feature for fans.

For example, completing Schells the Gambler leads to a dance scene at the end, and if one of the romanceable characters is with you, you can get them to dance too. For a complete walkthrough of the assignment”Citadel: Schells the Gambler” and the outcomes of each decision you can make, we have a full guide right here.

Citadel: Schells the Gambler Assignment

Schells the Gambler becomes available after you have completed the pre-requisite assignment “Citadel: Rita’s Sister”, which can be started by speaking to Rita, a waitress in Flux.

Once Rita’s Sister is complete, on your return to Flux, you will see a Salarian named Schells being thrown out of the club. Speaking with him afterward to discover that he was thrown out by Flux’s owner Doran for cheating, though Schells explains he was actually just trying to just scan the machines in order to help with creating a device to help with cheating.

You can offer to help Schells with collecting data, or if you refuse to help, he will simply remain standing outside of Flux until you agree (if ever).

Collecting Data for Schells

Head into Flux and go upstairs to where the Quasar machines are. You need to play (and win) at least five times in order to progress this assignment. You will be notified by the scanning device when you have collected enough data.

Warning: If you get too greedy and play more than the required number of wins, you will get caught. If you win seven games with the scanning device, Doran will catch you, confiscate the scanner, take all your credits, and kick you out. This means you have to return to Schells with no data and the assignment will end with no reward.

Giving the Data to Schells or Doran

Once you have won five games and the data is ready, you have two choices:

  • Give the Data to Schells: You’ll earn some credits and experience points. Additionally, in Mass Effect 3, you can hear a security guard in the Silver Coast Casino mention Schells’ device.
  • Give the Data to Doran: You’ll earn some credits and experience points. You can hand the device to Doran before or after obtaining the data.

How to Dance with a Romanceable Character

After completing this assignment, return to Flux and you will find Doran breaking out some moves on the dance floor. Interact with him to begin dancing yourself.

If you have a character in your squad who you are able to romance, speaking with them while dancing will make them start dancing too.

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