Mega Man VR Game Coming To Capcom's Japanese Arcade

Capcom is bringing another beloved franchise to its Japanese VR arcade. This time it’s Mega Man VR.

Mega Man VR — or Rockman VR as it’s called in Japan — will make its debut at Capcom Plaza in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district on July 18. It’s a single-player game in which players will presumably suit up as the blue bomber and use his iconic arm cannon to topple foes.

From what we can tell on the Google-translated page, Mega Man VR sees series villain Dr. Wiley put on his own headset to conquer the virtual world. Players will have to head into the virtual dimension themselves as Mega Man to put a stop to his plan. Check out a poster for the experience below.

We’ve actually been to Capcom Plaza in Ikebukuro to check out the company’s two Resident Evil VR arcade games; you can see both on display in last year’s episode of The VR Culture Show, seen below. It’s also just over the road from Bandai Namco’s amazing VR theme park, Mazaria, where you can enjoy Mario Kart VR and Pac-Man VR too. This area of Tokyo is pretty much VR heaven.

It’s not clear if Mega Man will perhaps be replacing one of the two previous games (though, based on the space available, we’d think it’s likely).

No other sites for Mega Man VR have been revealed so far and, no, we sadly wouldn’t expect to see it come to arcades in other territories (once they open again), nor would we hold our breath for a release on home headsets. None of Capcom’s other Japanese VR games have made that jump thus far.

Oh and hot tip if you do go check this out; there’s an incredible cinema bar at the top of the Plaza building. Perfect for post-VR drinks. Thank me later!

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