Metal Max Xeno Reborn: How To Defeat Zamza

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The first few WANTED monsters you'll encounter in Metal Max Xeno Reborn, while foreboding, are avoidable. Therefore, you can progress to other areas of Distokyo without battling them. However, Zamza, a terrorizing arachnid-like cyber-monster, blocks all paths beyond the Spider Gully. Therefore, you must defeat them to progress in the campaign.

Battling Zamza is a challenging task. After all, this monster will corner you within the skyscrapers of the gully, leaving little room for evasion. Furthermore, with tremendous attack power, Zamza can annihilate your tank in a matter of seconds. However, despite these disadvantages, it is possible to fight this monster alone and win.

What Do You Need To Know About Zamza?

Zamza essentially looks like a giant, robotic spider. However, compared to the six-legged Cannon Hoppers that you'll pass on the way to the gully, Zamza is significantly larger. Furthermore, Zamza has a sleek metallic finish, eight tapered legs, and a purple spotted back. If you can take this monster down, you'll be in for a significant payday. Its bounty is 33,000 G.

The Wanted Info Data states the following:

"<Hunter's Log>

HO71: The hell?! It came down from that building!

HFNG: Crap! Run! Make a break for it!

HO58: We need to get to higher ground, the Kiyosu Underpass is too isolated…"

However, after defeating Zamza, we also gained this information in the monster library:

  • Description: A SoN-class monster, among the worst of the worst. Instead of killing its prey, it uses them as lures to draw more victims in.
  • EXP: 750
  • Gold (excluding bounty): 511 G
  • Weaknesses:
    • 50% Weakness to Electric Attacks
    • 25% Weakness to Cold Attacks
  • Dropped Items:
    • Zamza Core
    • Sonic Sword
    • Killing Core
    • Where Will You Find Zamza?

      There's a cluster of deteriorating skyscrapers past the field of Laser Walkers outside the Big Atrium Exterior. You can approach these skyscrapers by either fighting through the field of Laser Walkers or crossing the nearby bridge to the other side. If you've already found Toni in the DEAD OR ALIVE sub-quest, then you've taken this route before. There's even a chance you saw Zamza perched on a skyscraper from your higher vantage point.

      If you drive into the center of the skyscraper cluster, Zamza will drop from the skyscraper and start attacking. Therefore, if you plan to fight Zamza on ground level, you should develop a plan of action after Zamza's pounce.

      What Weapons Should You Equip?

      Weapons with high attack power are always a fantastic option when fighting WANTED monsters, and Zamza is no different. Therefore, you should equip cannons for your first two slots and install the Double Rush trait chip. However, using a few machine guns is also beneficial, especially if you equip the Machine Gun Rush chip, allowing you to fire all your machine gun weapons simultaneously.

      Furthermore, investing in cold and electric elemental weapons is a necessity. Freeze Blast and Thunder Blade are both sufficient cannons for this fight. Additionally, Thunderbolt and Frosthrower are helpful machine guns. Lastly, Thunderbird is a helpful S-E to equip as well.

      Still, these weapons do not come cheap. For instance, Thunderbolt and Frosthrower each cost 18,000 G a piece. Additionally, Thunderbird costs 44,000 G. What's more, weapons like Freeze Blast and Thunder Blade cannot get purchased in the sortie store. Not to mention, you cannot craft Thunder Blade without killing Zamza in the first place. So, all of these weapons will cost your time or your money.

      We recommend searching as many crates, debris, and metal detector spots as possible before putting down any gold for weapons. You may come across one of the weapons mentioned above in your travels.

      Another option is weapon crafting. Both Thunderbolt and Frosthrower are relatively simple weapons to craft. Here are the materials you'll need for each.


      • 1,050 G
      • 1 13mm barrel
      • 1 Refrigeration System
      • 1.30 t High-tech Scrap


      • 1,050 G
      • 1 13mm barrel
      • 1 Lightning electrode
      • 1.30 t High-tech Scrap

      If you can't equip any of the elemental weapons listed above, focus on reinforcing your equipped weapons and engine as much as possible. Whatever you can do to boost attack power and SP is vital to succeeding in this battle.

      How To Defeat Zamza

      Defeating Zamza is a puzzling task. While the game offers suggestions for approaching this battle, they are vague and misleading. However, after some trial and error, here are some lessons we learned to defeat Zamza.

      Should You Build Your Party First?

      When we defeated Zamza, we accomplished the task alone. However, if you are willing to put in the extra time, completing two sub-quests, The Last Drunkard and DEAD OR ALIVE, will add Toni and Yokky to your battle formation. These additions will significantly increase your chances of survival against Zamza.

      So, do we recommend stacking your party first? Yes. Is it necessary? No.

      Can You Attack From Above?

      The Hunter's Log from the Wanted Monster Data entry implies that attacking from higher ground is the most successful plan. Considering you can sight Zamza from the skyscraper where you found Toni, this idea makes some sense. But unfortunately, one major factor debunks this approach: you cannot drive your tank up the skyscraper. The paths leading to this destination are too narrow, so you must descend your vehicle.

      How Can You Use The Environment To Beat Zamza?

      So, you cannot attack Zamza from above. Plus, facing Zamza head-on will make you a sitting duck. So, how can you win this battle? If you've already beaten Gun Taurus, the answer is more apparent than you think. This battle comes down to attacking from a place that provides coverage to your tank.

      First, you need to lure out Zamza. Therefore, you'll have to risk entering the center of the deteriorating skyscrapers that house the beast. Once Zamza drops to the ground, reverse out of the enclosure as quickly as possible. While you may take some hits from Zamza, the monster should follow you enough that you'll have a clear shot from outside the skyscraper enclosure.

      At this point, you can attack Zamza in the same pattern that you attacked Gun Taurus. First, approach the enclosure close enough to land a hit on Zamza without entering. After the attack lands, Zamza will target your vehicle. Then, reverse far enough away to reduce engagement. Zamza will lose track of you, giving you another opportunity to attack without incurring damage. Continuing this pattern of attack and retreat will eventually lead to victory!

      What Weapons Can You Craft Using Zamza Parts?

      There are three advantageous drops you'll receive after defeating Zamza. First, like other WANTED monsters, Zamza drops a Killing Core, an essential material for various weapon upgrades. The second is the Sonic Sword, a powerful sonic cannon. Lastly, you'll receive the Zamza Core, a required material for two weapons, listed below.

      Sonic Sword

      • Cost: 1,000 G
      • Materials Required: 1 Zamza Core, 2.70 t High-tech Scrap
      Weapon Stats
      Attack Power1225
      Weight5.10 t
      Range (1)100m
      Range (2)Circle Medium 1 Shot
      Hit Rate+33%

      Thunder Blade

      • Cost: 1,000 G
      • Materials Required: 1 Zamza Core, 2.70 t High-tech Scrap
      Weapon Stats
      Attack Power1535
      Weight5.70 t
      Range (1)100m
      Range (2)Penetrating 1 Shot
      Hit Rate+33%

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