Mighty Thor Is Coming To Marvel’s Avengers Later This Month

Marvel’s Avengers may have just released update 2.4, but they are already looking to the next one. A blog post from Square Enix is laying out what the future of the action role-playing game will look like. This includes a story expansion, a new Warzone, and a new Omega Level Threat. However, the biggest update will be the inclusion of The Mighty Thor later in June.

Just in time for her debut in Thor: Love and Thunder, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor makes her way to Marvel’s Avengers. This new character will include a new Hero Challenge Card, as well as a new Heroic mission chain. Those who complete those missions will be rewarded with some pretty cool cosmetics. They will also gain some interesting intelligence files that delve into how Jane Foster/The Mighty Thor made her way to our universe. As with the addition of Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, this fully voiced hero adds a new actor to the growing cast list of Marvel’s Avengers.

The Mighty Thor will also come with a new array of abilities and gear. Plus, she brings a new collection of cosmetics that include nameplates, takedowns, and emotes. Existing Thor takedowns and emotes will also get remixed with ones more focused on Jane Foster’s version of the Goddess of Thunder.

However, this Thor is completely different from Odinson’s. The team behind the game has worked hard to set her apart through design. This is seen in The Mighty Thor’s new Intrinsic ability, All-Mother’s Blessing. She also comes with a new Overcharge ability called God Tempest. Plus, the folks at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics took inspiration from Jane’s comic-book turn as Thor for her Ultimate Ability, the All-Weapon. This ability lets players smite down foes with her Undrjarn and Mjolnir.

The Mighty Thor is set to arrive in the game in just a few weeks. As that date approaches, more details on Jane’s abilities and gameplay will be revealed. This will be done through new story videos, gameplay trailers, developer blogs, and even a live stream or two.

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