Minecraft 1.18 release date: When is Caves and Cliffs Part 2 coming out?

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Downloading the latest experimental Snapshots will reward you with an early look into Minecraft 1.18 but it doesn’t boast some of the most exciting changes being planned for the game in 2021.

Caves and Cliffs has been pushed back several times due to its combination of new content and game-changing mechanics.

The good news is that Microsoft has confirmed that developers Mojang will be ready to announce the Minecraft 1.18 release date during 2021.

The Minecraft team confirmed that they would need to drop Caves and Cliffs Part 2 in two parts in April, due to technical challenges associated with the patch.

A statement from Mojang confirmed: “Because of the magnitude of this update and the dramatic changes it brings to the Overworld as a whole, there are also significant technical challenges we need to overcome before certain parts of the update are ready to ship.

“Take the completely revamped world generation, which affects all the caves and mountains in Minecraft. With this feature, we are completely reshaping the Overworld, including the build height.

“Not only do we have to consider every effect this can have on the world but also how it will affect performance. Basically, having more stuff in the game also slows it down and we want to avoid that.”


Minecraft 1.18 is coming out in 2021 but doesn’t have a full release date attached that fans can keep track of.

What we have learnt so far is that Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2 will be ready by the Holiday season.

And if we think of that time period as Autumn, it probably means gamers will be waiting a few more weeks before they get to start playing.

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A launch between October and November seems like the most probably time for Minecraft 1.18 release date.

It’s disappointing when you have to wait a little longer, but the upside is that Mojang has a lot more time to test everything included.

This means that there should be fewer bugs, and all the main features should run in a more polished fashion.

One of the biggest changes included in Caves and Cliffs Part 2 is Terrain Generation, with Mojang aiming to make everything fit together better while also providing new mountains and details.

And the Minecraft team are currently asking gamers to check out the latest experimental Snapshot and help find any bugs that could cause problems later on.

Highlights from the new Minecraft 1.18 experimental build can be found below:

Temple tweaks: Desert temples tend to be partially buried, and Jungle temples and Desert temples no longer generate on water.

Badlands and deserts are larger and less likely to show up as ugly microbiome splotches. Terracotta bands go higher. Wooded badlands grass and trees start higher.

Made biome placement a bit smoother and less noisy (again). This should result in fewer microbiomes (again). Tweaked biome placement in general to reduce the risk of harsh collisions.

Removed surface freezing for hot biomes, and raised the altitude at which snow layers are placed. This should result in fewer weird things like jungle trees with snow on top.

Made snowy slopes less dirty. Again. For real this time.

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