Minecraft Dungeons Will Be The First xCloud Game With Touch Controls

Microsoft announced today that Minecraft Dungeons will have touch controls on phones with xCloud.

A new video shows how Minecraft Dungeons’ touch controls will work on phones. Players can adjust the controls and move them around the screen to fit the player’s preference. Minecraft Dungeons will launch with touch controls on September 15 when the xCloud beta goes live. Those with Game Pass Ultimate will have access to the beta.

Microsoft plans to work with developers to add touch controls to more titles on xCloud. A game like Minecraft Dungeons might be easier to translate to touch controls, but it will be interesting to see how Halo and Gears of War to work with phones in the future. Implementing touch controls on phones is a smart move by Microsoft. Being able to enjoy Xbox games on the go would be a real pain by having to carry a controller around. Having touch controls on certain games would eliminate that inconvenience.

Microsoft’s xCloud is a big part of their strategy going into the next generation. Subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate gets players access to xCloud. Game Pass is the Xbox trojan horse that will bring players into their ecosystem without having to buy an Xbox. Playing the Game Pass library from anywhere is a big deal, and it’s an advantage that Xbox has over PlayStation. The beta for xCloud launches tomorrow, and it will be a game-changer for Xbox.

It’s been an excellent month to be a fan of Xbox. Last week, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S, the prices for the Series X and Series S, and the release date of the consoles. Ahead of xCloud’s launch, Microsoft has now announced that it is bringing touch screen controls to Android, starting with Minecraft Dungeons. Microsoft is building up a lot of momentum heading into November, and it will be fascinating to see if they keep that momentum with PlayStation having another presentation about the PS5.

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