Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know About Terracotta

One of the special decorative blocks in Minecraft is terracotta and its glazed variant. Plain terracotta has a nice variety of washed-out natural colors which look fantastic in a ton of different builds. They’re a nice alternative to the bright and vibrant colors of concrete blocks or even wool blocks.

Terracotta is, however, still relatively new to the game and isn’t always used to its maximum potential by players. Its glazed version in particular can work really well as decoration due to the intricate patterns that each of its color variants has. If you’re confused about how to make, find, or place down terracotta, keep on reading.

Crafting Terracotta

Terracotta can be crafted pretty easily. First, you need to get your hands on some clay, which is usually found near bodies of water such as beaches, rivers, and small ponds or lakes. Clay will have an almost matte, smooth gray color which sets it apart from gravel, sand, and dirt.

Using a regular shovel, you can mine clay to get clay balls. Four clay balls placed into a square in the crafting grid will produce a clay block. If you’re worried about being resource-efficient, it’s a good idea to have a Silk Touch enchanted shovel, which allows you to mine out full clay blocks.

Once you have a clay block, place it into a furnace and smelt it. The result will be a plain terracotta block of brown color.

In order to apply other color variants on terracotta, you need eight terracotta blocks in total, placed inside a crafting grid, with your choice of dye in the middle. This produces eight dyed terracotta blocks.

You could use dyed terracotta as it is, but if you prefer to go one step even further, you can actually make glazed terracotta. After you’ve dyed your terracotta, place it inside a furnace once again and smelt it. You’ll receive the glazed equivalent of your dyed terracotta, with a fancy new pattern on it.

Finding Terracotta

If for some reason finding clay just isn’t an option and you would much rather get your hands on terracotta or glazed terracotta immediately, there are a few places to find some of its variants.

In a village, you can trade with a Mason villager until they reach Expert level. This unlocks a glazed terracotta trade of a random color, for one emerald. Although the trade is pretty expensive, it’s one way to get some glazed terracotta quickly.

If you’re lucky enough to spawn nearby a badlands biome, you won’t have a shortage of terracotta. The lines of colors you see on the hills and mountains of badlands are actually colored variants of terracotta, so if you happen to find a badlands biome, make sure to take some time to grab as much terracotta as you can.

Otherwise, there are only a few select locations that will yield some variants of terracotta:

  • Desert villages: uncolored and green terracotta. Glazed versions include white, light blue, and lime.
  • Desert pyramids: orange and blue terracotta.
  • Plains villages: white terracotta, and sometimes uncolored variants inside a Mason’s house.
  • Savanna villages: yellow, orange, red, and uncolored terracotta, as well as yellow and orange glazed terracotta.
  • Underwater ruins: light blue terracotta, and purple glazed terracotta, usually in cold water biomes.

Glazed Terracotta Patterns

There are sixteen different glazed terracotta patterns available in the game. In order to properly see the pattern, you need to place more than one glazed terracotta block down. Ideally, you should repeat two by two block areas while taking care to place the blocks the right way round.

Since every block has six sides, each color of glazed terracotta can actually make a number of different patterns when placed in different directions into a two by two square. It’s worth experimenting and having fun with the colors and shapes to find your favorite.

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