Monster Hunter Rise: 10 Best Mods

Monster Hunter Rise quickly became one of the best Monster Hunter games ever after its original release on the Switch. Newcomers, fans, and critics praised it to the heavens and back, and thanks to constant updates from Capcom, the game has some serious legs. Things got even better in 2022.

Breathing new life into the already fresh Rise was a PC release, and the launch of Sunbreak – the first major expansion. New content and a new platform is the perfect combination to kickstart a community, and since its formation, mods have become increasingly more popular – so let’s look at the best ones.

10 REFramework

Author – Praydog

Anyone who has dipped their toes into modding will recognise the kind of mod this is. This is basically a tool that allows other mods to work, whilst tweaking something here and there to make for a better overall experience – modding or otherwise.

This mod isn’t flashy and it will largely be an unsung hero in your mod lineup, but it is important all the same. Apart from allowing mods, REFramework also fixes some bugs and crashes, which is always nice. It absolutely deserves a nod when it comes to a “Best Mods” list.

9 RiseTweaks

Author – Ashai

There is nothing worse than rocking a beefy rig and being told that you can’t run a game how you want to run it. This crops up all the time, and one of the first things any aspiring modder should do is find something to fix it. This is where RiseTweaks comes into play.

RiseTweaks is all about Framerate and visuals. Firstly, what it does is remove the Framerate Cap on cutscenes, which are normally capped at a fairly unpleasant 30fps. In addition to this, RiseTweaks lets you force custom Image Quality scalings, tarting up your visuals.

8 Remove Monster Kill-Cam Plus Stylish Slomo Finishers

Author – Bolt

Exhaustingly lengthy name aside, RMKCPSSF is a wonderful mod that removes potential frustration. Killing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise results in a small cutscene that shows the monster dying from several angles. This is fine for the first few views but gets tedious after that. Now it’s gone.

In its place is a very stylish slo-mo effect as you deal the final blow to any monster. This is far more interesting to watch, takes less time, and makes killing monsters far more satisfying. It’s a win-win.

7 Carve Timer Skip And Fast Return

Author – Godoakos

Another fantastic Quality Of Life improvement. Monster Hunter likes to waste your time with little animations that add up to delay returning home. This has been a niggling issue since inception, and Rise/Sunbreak is no exception.

This mod cuts that nonsense out, so you can get back to town quicker, or hop into another hunt with less downtime. It may not seem like much of a burden at first, but after hundreds of hours of Monster Hunter, you will get tired of seeing the same animation play out over, and over again.

6 Drop Rates Enhanced

Author – Korayshin

To the purist, this mod will be blasphemy. After all, a huge part of Monster Hunter is the grind. Killing monsters over and over again to get parts to make powerful equipment. It’s how it has always been, and some would argue how it should always be. This is the beauty of modding, however, you can customise your game to your liking.

Drop Rates Enhanced does exactly what it says on the tin – it makes monsters drop more loot. How much more is entirely down to you, as the mod has customisable settings. You can pick between a 1.5x, 2x, or 3x loot. If you don’t have time (or the will) to go through a bazillion fights, this can help.

5 MHR Overlay – Monster HP – Damage Meter (And More)

Author – GreenComfyTea

Another potentially blasphemous mod, MHR Overlay allows players to see all kinds of things that the game doesn’t want them to see. The biggie here is how much HP a monster has. Monster Hunter has always kept this hidden, but now you can track how close you are to victory, which for some, is a nice addition.

Not only that, it allows you to see how much damage you, your allies, and the monster are dealing. This information can be used to tweak strategies, monitor your performance, and more. This information can really help you improve your play, and is worth the inclusion.

4 VIP Dango Tickets

Author – Peasly Wellbott

RNG is a mixed bag. Sometimes randomness can make a game – other times it can break it. Monster Hunter Rise doesn’t have much RNG, but it is not devoid of it. You can trade tickets for Dango to gain temporary buffs to your Hunter. This catch? Whether or not the buffs trigger, is random.

Not anymore. VIP Dango Tickets makes it so Dango effects are activated 100% of the time, so you will never have to waste a Dango Ticket again. Not only that but this mod can also be used to gain infinite Dango Tickets, which honestly, is a godsend because nobody wants to run out of Dango Tickets.

3 Infinite Wirebugs

Author – Fylex

One of the best mechanics in Monster Hunter Rise is the Wirebug. These little gribblies are fantastically fun and can be used to zip around the battlefield, unleash devastating attacks, and generally have fun. Wirebugs are awesome, but they are limited and come with cooldown timers.

Infinite Wirebugs fixes this by, well, giving you infinite Wirebugs. Does this break the game? A little bit. Does it make the game really, really fun? Absolutely. Touching the floor is now optional, and we love it.

2 Adjustable UI Scale

Author – Bolt

Another mod by Bolt, Adjustable UI Scale does what you’d expect. Monster Hunter tends to have massive UIs, and this can get in the way. It’s not a deal breaker, but when you have the option (via mods) to shrink it down, then why not?

According to the mod page, this mod was a nightmare to make and the creator went through hell itself to get it working – but work it does, and glorious it is. If you want a cleaner experience, this is the mod for you.

1 Armour Mod – All Of Them

Author – Too Many To List

There are countless mods for armour in Monster Hunter Rise. So many that it is simply not possible to list them all, or even pick the best one. There is probably something here for everyone. And we mean everyone.

If you want better physics, then bam, there’s a mod for it. What about better-looking armours? Boom, someone made a mod. What if you wanted to veer towards the “unsavoury” side of armour “creation”? Of course, that exists too. Have fun!

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