Monster Hunter Rise: Everything We Know Palamutes Can Do So Far

Something brand new brought into Monster Hunter Rise is the Palamute. These big precious canines will aid players in many ways. They wear many hats, from beloved companions to fight partners to yanking you away on a stretcher if you die in battle. While they look (and are) very huggable, there are many things Palamutes can do that go beyond their fluffiness.

Their main purpose is of course to fight alongside you with skills that come along with those powerful teeth and claws. Intelligent and resourceful, they can often be trusted to act on their own when it comes to certain things. Here is everything to know so far about the utilization of the Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise.

9 You Can Ride Them

Traveling to hunts on foot is old news. Now you can channel your inner Princess Mononoke by springing through the scenic lands of Japan on a big majestic canine.

They can of course speed up, which comes in super handy when a monster you are fighting runs away. All you have to do is hop on your Palamute and run on after them. You can also use items while on the Palamutes back and recover your health enroute.

8 You Can Make Them Look However You Want

Both Palamutes and Palicos are very customizable in their appearance, from the shape of their ears to their fur color, down to their eye shape. Basically, you can put as much or as little detail as you like. They can be modeled after the family pet, your favorite dog breed, or your favorite anime canine. A cute suggestion would be Akamaru from Naruto since the overall theme of the game does feel very Shinobi-like.

The only thing you can’t really do with Palamutes is make their fur longer. The closest you can get is using the golden retriever skin that came with the game if you preordered it. You can also match armor with both companions. They need as much protection as you do!

7 They Can Spiderman On Walls

No more roadblocks or climbing with your hands before stamina depletes and falling to your doom. A Palamute will zoom right up the hill with you on their back. Agile and smooth, they won’t stumble down when leaping off a cliff either.

Do keep in mind however that they cant climb certain cliffs so you’ll need to use Wirebugs on these instead.

6 You Can Have More Than One Of Them

Ever had dreams of being a crazy dog lady or man? Princess Fuse from Okami and her eight canine warriors? Now you can make those come to fruition, as Rise allows you to recruit several different Palamutes for your team. The same goes for Palicos, so you can totally be Nanu from Pokemon too if you like.

The thing about Palamutes is that they are not just your pets, they are your partners in work and as such can be sent out to do jobs for you after being recruited. Each one even has different skills and abilities and some have even been seen to be able to hold and use items.

5 They Can Take Care Of Themselves

Palamutes will fight on their own for the most part, and they can be buffed in battle through the use of a variety of items called Palamute Scrolls.

These are equipped to the Palamutes and can do things like heal, conceal presence, lure monsters, or carry things needed for certain weapons. They are accumulated by doing quests for Canyne Master Inukai, the person who stands by the red bridge in the village.

4 They Fight The Monster Too

This is a given, but Palamutes battle the monster right alongside you. Frankly, they’re amazing at it too, being able to climb up and bite the monster among other things. Knowing you can trust them to hold their own in the fight means you can focus on what you need to do without being all over the place.

Since the Palamutes have different skills, you can pick and choose which one would be best for each fight. The Palamute Scrolls which buff them are very self-operating as well.

3 They’re Foodies

Like every other carnivorous canine, Palamutes love to savor delicious fresh meat. Therefore in the cooking mini-game, they can and will judge whether your roast is tender and succulent or crispy jerky. If you burn it, they will do an amusing reaction of putting their paws over their face while most likely questioning your culinary methods.

Palamutes and Palicos both can mimic the movements you do from the chat commands.

2 They Won’t Pull An Old Yeller On You

No traumatic dog deaths here. If your Palamutes HP gets too low in battle, it will simply disappear to recover for a bit and then return.

This is phenomenal because some players get attached to their in-game animal companions and frankly it’s annoying when you have to constantly replace a horse or a dog or something actually essential to play the game smoothly. Looking at you, horses of Skyrim.

1 They’ll Cuddle And You’ll Like It

Anybody who has ever owned or interacted with a large dog knows that no matter how polite they are, they tend to never be fully spatially aware of their size. This rings true for Palamutes, who happily pounce on you when you go to pet them.

Don’t fret though, it’s simply the way they play, so you can think of it as them accepting you into their pack. When leaving any Palamutes at home for a hunt, they can be sent to fetch items or train.

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