Monster Hunter Rise: Greatsword Weapon Guide

Now that Monster Hunter Rise is out for the Nintendo Switch, you can take part in a new monster-slaying experience. Those new to the Monster Hunter series may find the game’s mechanics a bit overwhelming, but anyone can tackle them with the right advice.

Those looking to pick up a new weapon or experiencing Monster Hunter for the first time are sure to enjoy the Greatsword. This massive blade prioritizes damage over speed, boasting powerful swings and staggering blows. There are few weapons as intimidating as the Greatsword, as it has low mobility, but with the right tips and tricks, players can overcome this weapon’s shortcomings. Check out the guide below to master the Greatsword with ease.

Learn How The Greatsword Functions

One of the toughest things about picking up the Greatsword is adjusting to such a girthy weapon.

  • This weapon is massive and cuts mobility down drastically.

You’ll have to adjust the way you fight if you want to master the Greatsword. When going in for attacks, try to follow through as much as possible.

The most powerful hit in a Greatsword combo is the final hit. This means that one full combo is more effective than a few quick hits.

Study Your Combos

Before taking this weapon out and using it on a monster, head over to the Training Area and practice on the monster dummy. You’ll see the basic weapon controls listed on the left-hand side of your screen, along with several key combos that you can test out.

Each attack you use will appear overhead to help you learn what attacks your inputs activate. When you feel like you have a basic understanding of your Greatsword’s combos, controls, and weight, it’s time to take it out on a hunt.

Aim For Weakpoints To Stun Prey

One of the most important things you can do when using the Greatsword is target vulnerable areas. Because of the power behind the Greatsword’s swing, it’s able to stun and impair monsters with powerful hits. Get in the monster’s face, and dish out some attacks. You’ll be surprised with how much damage you can do.

Make sure to look for yellow numbers, as these indicate hits on the monster’s weak points. Magnamalo, for instance, has weak points on his front paws’ elbows, face, and tail, so strike in these areas as often as possible. You might even cut off portions of the beast that you can collect for upgrades.

Charge Up Your Attacks As Often As Possible

Few attacks are as intimidating as the Greatsword’s charge attacks. These swings deliver increased damage and can stagger monsters more easily.

  • Charge attacks can be activated by pushing the left stick in any direction and holding the X button.

There are several levels of charge, each indicating a higher damage output. Gold is the strongest, and once that level is achieved, the attack will automatically activate, so try and time these moves carefully.

Roll After Combos To Retain Mobility

After using heavy combos, you may notice that your hunter is immobilized. This is one of the after-effects of the Greatsword’s most powerful attacks. It can leave you vulnerable to attacks and make moving almost impossible.

  • One way out of this lock is by rolling. Press the B button during or after a combo to cancel the animation and regain mobility.

You will need to master this technique to dodge monster attacks and shorten the time between combos.

Sheath Your Blade And Use The Wirebug To Move Quickly

Because the Greatsword is such a slow weapon, players will have to be inventive to keep their movement speed up. One great way to stay limber is by sheathing your blade whenever you’re not attacking.

  • Press R to sheath your Greatsword.

Hunters move much faster when the blade is on their back, so do your best only to move around when your blade is put away. Also, you can improve your movement further by zipping around with Wirebugs.

  • Press ZL to bring up the Wirebug menu and ZR to dash forward or X to dash up.

Using wirebugs is a great way to avoid quick attacks from monsters.

Always Build Towards Your Heavy Swing

As a Greatsword user, your most important attack is the final swing in your True Charged Slash Combo. The third attack in this combo enacts two winding swings. The first hit doesn’t do much damage, but the power behind the final hit is monumental.

  • Try to fit a True Chared Slash Attack into your combos.

These are the attacks most likely to stun monsters, break pieces off of them, and exhibit your most impressive damage output. You can also charge this attack, so make sure to do so if possible.

Use Aerial Attacks

A great way to get the jump on monsters is by using aerial attacks. Using the Wirebug to get some height, jumping off of your Palamute, and jumping off cliffs are all viable ways to get ready for an aerial attack.

Greatsword users can charge their attacks mid-air for an even more powerful swing too. Try to use these moves when a monster isn’t expecting an attack or when they’re moving too much for land strikes.

Remember That The Great Sword Can Block

If you ever feel like you won’t have enough time to evade a monster’s attack and don’t want to risk taking damage, try blocking the attack instead.

  • Press ZR with your Greatsword Drawn to block an attack.

This will significantly decrease the amount of damage taken at the cost of some of your blade’s sharpness. So long as you’re okay sharpening your weapon, it’s an excellent tactic in a fight.

Use Switch Skills For An Added Edge

The Wirebug is an excellent evasive tool when fighting monsters, but hunters can also use it offensively.

  • Switch Skills allow hunters to incorporate these bugs in agile attacks.

One such move is the Hunting Edge. This attack sends the hunter flying into the air for a powerful downswing. Switch Skills require Wirebugs, so make sure you have at least two available for this attack and keep your eyes out for others unlocked later in the story.

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