Monster Hunter Rise: How To Complete Delivery Quests

Monster Hunter Rise is the biggest game of the year so far, and it is offering dedicated hunter dozens upon dozens of hours of engaging monster-slaying action already, with even more on the way. But sometimes quests don’t ask you to go fighting big creatures, instead it sometimes asks you to do some gentle gathering or even delivery quests.

Delivery quests in MH Rise can be very difficult. You must locate a large item for delivery – each stage has one gathering point for a large item – and then you have to take it back to your camp. Not even a sub camp, it has to be your primary camp, which may be a long way from where you find the item. And no, no riding Palamutes while carrying a heavy item to speed things up.

Delivering these large items can be troublesome, but in this guide we’re going to break down everything you need to know to deliver those pesky eggs and fossils in MHR. Just read below for all of the details and tips you need to deliver successfully and efficiently.

Find The Delivery Item

Delivery items are found in different places on each map in Monster Hunter Rise. Luckily you will be able to find each of these large nodes more easily by marking icons on your map, which you can do using our guide here. Make sure to switch your HUD map to Detailed to make the most of the icons, and so you can see it clearly as you approach.

In Shrine Ruins and Sandy Plains the large gathering nodes are nests holding eggs, while the other gathering nodes are either large fossils or rare ore.

Avoiding Big Monsters And Heights

While carrying a delivery item you will not be able to draw your weapon, you will not be able to drop from heights, and you will not be able to get hit by monsters, large or small. If you encounter a large monster during delivery things can go very wrong, very fast.

If you do come across a large monster, your only real option is to move away, very quickly. Use the large view on your map – not Detailed view – in order to easily keep track of monster locations. If a monster does come up to you, it’s to roll, run, and wirebug. On that note…

Wirebug Manoeuvres

The wirebug makes delivering quest items in MH Rise way easier than ever before. You can still use your wirebug to swing into the air, and then follow up immediately with a long air dash forward, giving you plenty of momentum, and covering a lot of ground at once. Best of all, this will not damage your fragile cargo.

You should use your wirebug to move back to your base camp as quickly as possible. The only thing to watch out for is heights, once again: it’s easy to slide off a cliff when swinging around, and if you do your cargo is gone, so be careful.

Back At Base Camp

And finally once you’re back at base camp you just need to deliver your item to the Supply Box – there will be a big “Deliver” icon ready for you to put it in. Just remember that there is no Supply Box at the sub camps, meaning you have to take your delivery back to the main camp.

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