Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Sinister Cloth

Monster Hunter Rise is filled with rare items and materials that you can use to craft the weapons and armour of your dreams, but some of it is much, much harder to attain than others. Ore is easy. Monster parts are, at least, predictable. Sinister Cloth? Now this is a much tougher item to get a hold of.

Sinister Cloth is a rare item that is only currently found from one source, and that has quickly turned it into one of the most difficult items to obtain in the game. This is especially brutal for dedicated hunters, because Sinister Cloth can give you access to the very best Palamute armour in the game. Have you seen it? The Canyne Death Stench armour makes your best friend look like an undead three-headed cerberus. Incredible.

If you want that armour (recommended) or one of many other rare pieces of gear you can create with the Sinister Cloth, then you’ll need this guide. Just read through our instructions below for everything you need to know to farm and earn more Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise.

Use The Meowcenaries To Earn More Sinister Cloth

The only known way to obtain Sinister Cloth right now is through the Meowcenaries. The Meowcenaries is an idle item farming service that your extra buddies to can take on while you focus on quests. A mix of four Palicos and Palamutes will be chosen to go out on expeditions in order to obtain you new items.

Sinister Cloth is one of the rare items you will only get from the Meowcenaries, and they will only be able to get it from the rarest of expeditions. You will need to select a route that has sparkles next to the name of the area, and then the track with the sparkling gathering icon. Only these sparkling routes will hold super-rare items like the Sinister Cloth.

You will not be able to predict which items the Meowcenaries will bring back, but if you want to focus on Sinister Cloth and nothing else you can keeping checking in on their trip with the felyne in your room, or the one at the Buddy Plaza. Once their expedition has gone past the sparkling icon, you can recall the team and send them out on another trip. Always choose tracks with the sparkling icon near the beginning of their journey, and you’ll be able to attempt to get Sinister Cloth after every hunt quest you perform.

Boost Your Meowcenaries Rewards With Lagniapple

You can boost the effectiveness of the Meowcenaries, or the Dojo training, by using a Lagniapple. These special items are loved by the felyne race, and they’ll work much harder to get what you need if you include one as payment for their services.

Lagniapples can be fairly rare, but you can get more by choosing Optional Subquests that offer them as rewards or, very rarely, you can find them in the open world while gathering.

Stocking up on Lagniapples will make it much easier to energise your Meowcenaries team, and will hopefully boost your chances of getting the rarest possible loot. Make sure to check in on your Meowcenaries squad regularly in order to get as many rewards as possible, as once their trip is complete, they’ll be sat doing nothing until you put them on another task.

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