Morrowind Mod Adds Necromancy 20 Years After Launch

Necromancy is outlawed in Morrowind. Even though you can find a few sneakily hidden books on the magical craft, you can't be a necromancer. The most you can do is summon the odd skeleton and soul trap your enemies, but that's hardly raising the dead and unleashing a miasma of corpses on your enemies. Thankfully, this new mod is all about just that.

VitruvianGuar's Necrocraft adds quests, spells, and all-new gameplay that lets you unleash your inner necromancer in Morrowind. Corpse Preparations lets you harvest bones and prepare corpses; Minion Crafting allows you to use bones to build skeletons and bone constructs; Undead Raising does what it says on the tin, letting you raise skeletons, corpses, and bone constructs; Necromancers are a new character type, not a faction or cult, that you can persuade to teach you spells and give you quests, and Forbidden Practice means that guards will attack your minion on sights while you earn a hefty bounty for practising in front of them.

There's also new AI and enemies that will utilise necromancy to make your fight through Vvardenfell a little tougher, while mastery of the craft means you can become a Lich—they're "immortal creatures of immense power who can restore themselves even after the complete destruction of the body."

The mod utilises Skill Module, Magicka Expanded, and Crafting Framework to make necromancy as comprehensive and modernised as possible, with the creator citing that other necromancy mods over the years haven't tickled the itch of raising undead, hence their own creation. With all mods installed, you can start your path to becoming a Lich, adding a whole new layer to your next Morrowind playthrough.

Necromancy is an interesting concept in TES—it's completely outlawed in Morrowind but, in Oblivion, only the Mages Guild forbids it. But that leads to the final villain, the god of necromancy Mannimarco. Then you have The Elder Scrolls Online which added a whole necromancy class. Using its abilities anywhere in Tamriel gives you a bounty—the third era was very stingy about playing with bodies.

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