MTG: The 8 Best Green Cards In Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate

Magic: The Gathering is definitely the most popular trading card game around, and most of that is due to the impressive number of cards at your disposal. Every year comes with multiple new sets introducing cards to the game continuously. In recent years, the Commander format has started getting more attention due to how popular it has been among players. This is why we now have two Commander Legends sets, with Battle for Baldur's Gate being the follow-up to 2020's successful first run.

Keep in mind that all the cards in this set are only legal in the Commander, Legacy, and Vintage formats. If you were excited about adding some of the cards in this set to your Standard, Modern, or Pioneer deck, sadly that won't be a possibility unless the card has already been printed in a format-legal set.

8 Jaheira's Respite

This instant card costs four generic and one green. When cast, you get to search your library for up to X basic land cards, and then put them into play tapped, where X is the number of creatures that are attacking you. As an added bonus, all combat damage that would be dealt that turn will be prevented.

This is a card that can quickly turn the tides of battle when used correctly, especially when faced with an aggro deck. The fact that you will be removing some lands from your library is also of great help in the Commander format, as it is a powerful way of ramping while also freeing up your deck to draw cards that may be more immediately useful on your next turn.

7 Earthquake Dragon

A creature card with a hefty cost of fourteen generic and one green mana, Earthquake Dragon is a force to be reckoned with. He is a 10/10 creature that will cost X less to cast with X being the total mana value of Dragons you already have in play. It has flying and trample, and if you pay two generic and one green mana, and sacrifice a land, you can return it from your graveyard to your hand at any time.

While not the strongest creature since he has no innate form of protection, in a deck that is focused on Dragons, having a four-mana 10/10 creature that can also keep coming back from your graveyard could be a problem for a lot of opposing decks.

6 Owlbear Cub

An adorable 3/3 creature that costs two generic and one green mana, Owlbear Cub has a pretty strong ability hidden in its feather. Whenever you attack a player with it, if that player controls eight or more lands, you get to look at the top eight cards of your library, choose a creature card, and add it to the battlefield tapped and attacking. You will then put the rest of those cards on the bottom of your library.

Owlbear Cub is very similar to Collected Company, a card that sees a lot of play in other formats. That makes Owlbear Cub a scary card, especially in the Commander format where, on average, games will last far longer than in other formats. Going through your deck to cheat out big creatures could allow for some big plays.

5 Traverse the Outlands

This sorcery costs four generic and one green mana, and it enables you to search your library for X basic lands cards and put them into play tapped. X will be the greatest power among creatures that you control.

Another excellent ramp card, the only real weakness it has is the need to actually have a creature with as much power as possible in play. Against a removal-heavy deck, this could prove to be easier said than done.

4 Bramble Sovereign

A much-needed reprint from Battlebond, Bramble Sovereign is a 4/4 Dryad creature that costs two generic and two green mana. Whenever a nontoken creature enters the battlefield you can pay one generic and one green mana to create a token copy of that creature.

The interesting part of this creature's ability is that it can be used on the creatures of your opponents play as well. In certain niche situations, that can prove useful. This card definitely belongs in a creature-focused deck, enabling you to copy some of the stronger creatures in your deck while also having a decent political tool if needed.

3 Raised by Giants

One of the new card types, this legendary enchantment Background costs five generic and one green mana. Its effect states that commander creatures you own now have base power and toughness 10/10 and are also giants in addition to all their other creature types.

This is obviously a card that is only useful in the Commander format, but turning your commander into a 10/10 can sometimes prove useful, especially in decks focused on dealing commander damage. However, generally, what you're most interested in your commander are their abilities rather than their board presence.

2 Jaheira, Friend of the Forest

Jaheira is a 2/3 legendary Human Elf Druid creature with a cost of two generic and one green mana. Her main ability is to enable your tokens to add one green mana to your mana pool when you tap them. Keep in mind that this goes for all tokens that you own, even those that are not creatures. Her second ability allows you to choose a Background card as your second commander.

A powerful ramp card for token-heavy decks, Jaheira can also lead to some interesting situations with the various effects that Background cards can bring to the table, such as Inspiring Leader giving all of your tokens +2/+2.

1 Monster Manual

An artifact that costs three generic and one green mana, Monster Manual also has an Adventure sorcery that you can cast from it called Zoological Study. Zoological Study costs two generic and one green and will have you milling five cards and returning a creature card out of those five to your hand. The artifact itself states that, for one generic and one green mana plus tapping it, you get to put a creature card from your hand onto the battlefield.

In the right deck, this card can be extremely dangerous as it enables you to put a creature of any size on the table for only two mana. The only real limitation is actually getting your hands on those creatures in a Commander game where you can't really count on the consistency of your draws, but there are enough tutors in Commander to safely counteract this weakness.

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