MultiVersus Director Says Next Week’s Patch Is One Of The "Biggest Ones Yet"

MultiVersus director Tony Hunyh has been getting fans excited on Twitter by revealing that next week's patch will be "one of [the] biggest ones yet," although stops short of actually revealing what will be included in the patch.

In a tweet replying to YouTuber Angry Joe (thanks, VGC), Huynh explains that the currently greyed out options in-game for the Guild and Store will remain that way for a little while longer, but promises next week's patch will add "a lot of cool things." He also explains that the team at Player First Games is still currently working on the game's stability and bug fixes at the moment.

What with all the leaks, development updates, and dataminers getting to work since the beginning of Season 1, there are plenty of things that could be included in this next patch that we already know are coming. While character additions such as the previously announced Black Adam and Stripe are probably a little bit further out, Player First did reveal at the beginning of the month that it's working on a "big overhaul" of its hitboxes for certain characters.

This patch could also be the one that finally introduces Rick from Rick & Morty, as the character was announced way back in July but has actually yet to appear since his reveal. Rick was originally intended to drop shortly after Morty even before the Season 1 delay, so it's possible a date for his addition could be announced soon.

We'll also likely get some more buffs and nerfs to certain characters, with both Taz and Garnet expected to receive small boosts at some point soon. As for whatever else Player First is planning to add, your guess is as good as mine.

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