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MultiVersus may be a modern game, but it also has one foot in the past. Gizmo, the mascot of the Gremlins films, is an excellent example of this game's affection for retro properties. And everything this fantastic furry fighter has to offer is a direct reference to those classic films (especially Gremlins 2).

"But how does he play", you might ask. Well, he is a highly mobile character who has access to a versatile moveset which often emphasizes triggering traps. He is also a bit of a terror in the air, capable of swooping down and hitting his opponents before he bounces away to safety. Oh, and he has a number of support moves! But don't worry, while this seems like a lot, we will break it all down for you.

Ability Overview

Surprise, Gizmo is yet another character in MultiVersus who feels like he belongs in multiple categories. While he is officially a support class character, Gizmo is so much more! He can get up close and personal, especially when approaching from the air (where he is quite powerful), he has some excellent projectiles, he is mobile, and he can provide support. Basically, he does a little bit of everything!

His core gimmick revolves around music. If he hits his opponents with enough notes, he can stop them from accessing their cooldown attacks. However, more practically, he can sing to give his partner the music buff. Another unique trait is being able to hop on the shoulder of his partner and use his attacks while perched there. He can even give them invulnerability to projectiles. Needless to say, he is a character with a lot going on.

Grounded Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Hunter's BowAttackChargeable, Projectile, Ignite (if charged)This is Gizmo's projectile attack. If you fully charge it, the projectile will apply the ignite effect.

The charge is storable. You can charge the arrow, cancel it with a dodge, and the next shot you fire will be charged.

This is a big part of Gizmo's gameplan, especially when paired with his popcorn-based attacks.

Mogwai 3-StepForward + AttackLittle, itty bitty Gizmo doesn't have the longest range in the game. This is his typical standard combo-style attack. It'll work in a pinch.
Pop Pop Pop!Up + AttackChargeable, ProjectileThe Pop Pop Pop! attack is a solid enough attack that hits above his head. However, the main use of this attack is to create an obstacle in the battlefield that Gizmo can explode with a shot from his Hunter's Bow attack.

This is a big part of your game. The exploding effect from shooting these popcorn clouds is pretty heavily damaging and the area of effect if large. You are going to always want to have popcorn clouds out on the stage!

A flaming arrow will make the explosion even bigger.

Harsh MelodyDown + AttackChargeable, Projectile, Armor Breaking, Applies The Music EffectThere are a number of beneficial aspects to this move. It can apply Gizmo's music effect. It breaks armor. Unfortunately, it is a bit telegraphed, so it can be a tough attack to land.
Song Of The MogwaiSpecialApplies Music Buff To Partner, Silences EnemiesThe Song Of The Mogwai sees Gizmo sing. He will produce music notes that can buff your partner, while also silencing your opponents if you hit them with enough notes (eight in total). The notes will follow projectiles, too.

But at the end of the day, this is… not a great special. Look, we know, this is Gizmo's entire gimmick. But, the thing is, you need to hit your opponents with eight of these notes in order to silence them. And the notes you do hit them with will fade over time. So, it seems like a really poor use of your time.

Use this special to apply the music buff to your partner, or MAYBE if your partner is using a projectile-heavy character (as it does add hitstun to projectiles). However, for the most part, it isn't worth chasing the silence.

Beep Beep!Forward + SpecialHeavy ProjectileThis attack sees Gizmo hop into a car. You can drive forward, and the car will also block projectiles (as it is classified as a heavy projectile). This is more of a gimmicky special, but it is worth pulling out whenever you have it on hand.

If you press forward and special while in the car, you will pop-a-wheelie.

You can also jump out of the car, and the car will keep rolling forward (acting as a projectile). Moreover, you can use his Gizmo-A-Go-Go special to hop back into the car and set it on fire. If the car then collides with an opponent, it will explode.

Gizmo-A-Go-GoUp + SpecialThis is a great, fast-moving upward attack. If your partner is nearby, you will leap to their shoulder, but we actually like using this attack even more when there isn't a nearby ally. As it is pretty darn quick.

When hopping onto your partner's shoulder, you will cleanse them.

Corrugated CamouflageDown + SpecialProjectile InvincibleThis make you invincible to projectiles as long as you hold it.

The main use for this attack is to make your partner invincible to projectiles if you are on their shoulder.

Aerial Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Flying Hunter's BowAttackChargeable, Projectile, Ignite (if charged)This is the exact same attack as the grounded "Hunter's Bow", but in the air.
Fist Of FurryForward + AttackChargeableThis is a pretty standard airborne forward attack. It isn't super rangy, but since Gizmo is frequently in the air, you will probably want to use it on occasion.
Widdle ClawsUp + AttackWhile we generally prefer to use Gizmo's Gizmo-A-Go-Go attack for hitting opponents in the air, if your partner is close by, that can be an issue. In those cases, the Widdle Claws attack is your best option.

It isn't spectacular, but if your opponent is close enough to the top of the screen, you may get a kill out ouf it.

Stompy FeetDown + AttackThis is a fantastic down attack. It hits multiple times, and it pops your opponent up, which at certain percentages will open up combos to Gizmo.
Song Of The (Flying) MogwaiSpecialWhile we think that the "Song Of The Mogwai" is largely pretty fringe in its use cases, we see almost no reason to ever use the aerial version.

The music notes don't cluster like they do with the grounded version, which means that this special loses one of its only use cases…

Umbrella BashForward + SpecialBlocks ProjectilesAnd here it is, ladies and germs, one of Gizmo's absolute best moves. The Umbrella Bash is a horizontal attack that is immune to projectiles and has a really juicy hitbox.

While it doesn't travel as far as you may like it to, it hits surprisingly hard, and blocks all incoming projectiles. It also has a pretty big hitbox, which makes it easy to catch your opponents with. This is a pivotal move in your toolbox.

Gizmo-A-Go-Go (Flying)Up + SpecialCleanseThis is the exact same attack as the grounded "Gizmo-A-Go-Go", but in the air.
Falling FurballDown + SpecialThe Falling Furball is a butt slam attack. However, unlike many slam attacks in the game, you start falling without pause, and you fall fast. It may not be flashy, but this attack is a huge part of your game.

Battle Strategy

Gizmo has three goals. Firstly, Gizmo wants to set traps (in the form of his popcorn clouds) around the stage and capitalize on them when opponents get close. Secondly, Gizmo should be scuffling with opponents, bouncing off of them, then smacking them with his Umbrella. Lastly, he wants to buff his partner with music, and cleanse them when with his Gizmo-A-Go-Go special when they are inflicted with a status element (we'll get into that more in the teamplay section).

For the traps. Get those popcorn clouds out there! Start the match by throwing some popcorn. You can also throw some on the other side of the stage, giving you some options for exploding them with an arrow. On that note, when you have a moment to stash away a flaming arrow, do so. That means that you will be able to quickly capitalize and blow up one of those popcorn clouds. Gizmo with a stashed flaming arrow, and two popcorn clouds around the arena, is bad news for his opponents!

Finally, you are going to want to bounce around the stage, getting little hits in here and there. Gizmo is great when attacking from the air. His butt slam (Falling Furball) is incredible, and his Umbrella Bash is potent! On top of that, his butt slam will pop opponents up, which makes for easy follow-ups in the air. You aren't going to want to stand next to your opponents and exchange blows, as your limbs are pretty stubby. However, Gizmo is a terror when he is attacking from the air.

His car attack (Beep Beep!) can also be quite powerful. Especially if you Gizmo-A-Go-Go to hop into it and slam it into your opponents. The resulting explosion is a great way to finish off opponents. You can also hop out of the car while it is you are driving it and attack from above (Gizmo's specialty) which the car hurdles toward them. However, while the car is good, it shouldn't be the cornerstone of your gameplay, as it has a pretty lengthy cooldown.

Remember that a move like Umbrella Bash can be performed extremely close to the ground. Just do a little hop and then immediately transition into it.

Gizmo Team Play Strategy

So, Gizmo's big contribution to the team is buffing and cleansing. Sing a little song for your partner whenever they are nearby. The Song Of The Mogwai is a fast move, so give them that buff and move on. If your partner is in the know, they will hang around and grab the three notes, otherwise, give them a chance when they are nearby, but if they don't get it move on. Next, whenever your partner is hit with an affliction, hop on their shoulder and cleanse them. This is quick and easy and will be appreciated.

Speaking of the Gizmo-A-Go-Go special, when you are on a team member's shoulders you can perform a number of attacks. This isn't always a great place to be, but if the Iron Giant has entered into their powered up mode, you can hop onto his shoulder and be protected while you snipe your popcorn clouds down below. Or you can jump on the shoulder of a combo heavy character and add on once they are at the end of a string. Though, that is next-level synergy.

Gizmo's Progression Unlocks

Mastery LevelImageRewardDescription
TwoPerk: Back To BackYour team receives six percent reduced damage when near an ally.
ThreeCurrency: Toasts x Five
FourPerk: Make It Rain, Dog!Your team receives twenty percent increased projectile speed.
FiveCurrency: Gold x 100
SixPerk: Equip Ally PerksUnlock the ability to use an ally's perks in team games.
SevenPerk: Aerial AcrobatYour team receives ten percent increased air acceleration
EightSignature Perk: Bounce, Bounce, Boom!Gizmo's air down special can bounce off of his popcorn and his toy car to detonate them instantly.
NinePerk: Perk TrainingUnlocks the ability to train ANY perk in the game.
TenSignature Perk: Power CuddleWhile attached to his ally, Gizmo's charge attacks charge much faster.
ElevenPerk: Triple JumpYour team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in the air.
TwelvePerk: Rhythm's Gonna GetchaIf Gizmo fully stacks Music on an enemy, instead of silencing them he will cause them to dance.
ThirteenPerk: DeadshotYour team deals 5% increased damage with projectiles.
FourteenProfile Icon: Gizmo Profile Icon
FifteenBadge: Gizmo Wins

Gizmo's Signature Perk Overview

This is a pretty open and shut choice. If you spend a lot of time riding your opponents shoulders, then the Power Cuddle perk is a great choice. We think there are definitely use cases where this could be a great perk to run with. Especially if you are teamed with the Iron Giant, or Wonder Woman, or any of the characters that synergize well with Gizmo's attacks. However, most people are going to want to choose Bounce, Bounce, Boom!. The ability to detonate a popcorn cloud with Gizmo's Falling Furball attack is just very useful.

As for the Rhythm's Gonna Getcha perk… Well, if you are able to reliably silence people, then being able to stun them is obviously quite good. But can you reliably silence your opponents without sacrificing a great deal of your offensive pressure? We have our doubts. The most recent patch made Gizmo's ability to silence more viable, but we don't think it did enough. However, that is us, maybe you are hitting people with those notes all the time. If that is the case, this is the signature perk for you. Otherwise, maybe just stick to one you will be able to use regularly like Bounce, Bounce, Boom!.

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