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MultiVersus is a platform fighting game, but it does differentiate itself in one key way: its core focus is on team play. That is why the support character class is such an interesting one. While a number of characters work well on their own, the support class is really geared towards helping the team as a whole. Then there is Velma. Is she a support character? Absolutely. But if you think she isn't a threat in her own right, then you may be in for a rude awakening.

Velma has a number of tools for helping the team, ranging from reducing her partner's cooldowns to increasing their speed with her projectiles. She is also great at providing long-range support using her many potent projectiles. Oh, and she has some surprisingly powerful melee attacks as well. We're going to go all-in on an in-depth breakdown of this incredible character.

Ability Overview

Velma is officially categorized as a support character. But don't let that designation fool you; she also has a moveset that would fit a mage class character comfortably. Which is to say that she has a number of excellent projectiles. She is classified as being a horizontal attack specialist, which, at first glance, makes sense. Most of her special moves do hit horizontally. However, she has both an excellent attack that hits overhead, and a fantastic attack that spikes. This means that she is quite capable of getting ring-outs on all four sides of the screen.

Velma has a unique evidence-collecting mechanic. Most of her special moves will have a chance of generating evidence. Once you gather enough evidence, you will be able to call the police and "arrest" one of your opponents. If they aren't able to break out in time, the police car will drive them off the platform. Even if your opponent escapes, it will put them out of commission for a few seconds. This is a great opportunity to gang up on their partner. Or you can hit them when they are in the car. Your choice.

Grounded Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Supportive WordsAttackTargeted, Hastens Allies, Heals VelmaSupportive Words is a projectile attack that homes in on a target. The first opponent you hit with supportive words will be the aforementioned target.

Targeting your teammate is a great way to use this attack. As it will help you get opponents off of them no matter where they are, as these will home in on them. It will also hit anyone in between the two of you. Also, it grants your partner haste.

This is easily one of the best projectiles in the game. As such, it does have to cool down.

Quip MasterForward + AttackThis is a very standard combo attack sequence. It has no bells and whistles. However, it does have okay range and decent knockback. When everything is on cooldown, Quip Master will do.
Bright IdeaUp + AttackChargeableThis is an anti-air that is frightfully quick and has a huge hitbox. Why did they give this to Velma? No one will ever know. However, what is known is that you should use this incredible attack.
Calculated VictoryDown + AttackChargeable, Generates EvidenceThis is another one of Velma's projectiles. It is pretty slow-moving. If you fully charge it, the hitbox of the final attack is decently large. This probably isn't an attack you will use often.
Motivational SpeakerSpecialWeakness, Targeted, Heals AlliesThis projectile fires a beam that will do continuous damage. If you fire it at an ally, it will heal them. This attack also applies targeted to the opponent it hits, so you can follow up with your Supportive Words attack.

The final hit of the attack applies weakness. Unless the final hit is on your ally, at which point it will cause the beam to fire from them.

This is another incredibly powerful projectile in Velma's arsenal. Fire it right at your partner and let them become a vessel for it.

Fast ThinkerForward + SpecialChargeableThis is a pretty versatile move, you charge Velma's run. Once you release the button, she will sprint across the screen, scoop up the first enemy she encounters, and take them to the edge of the platform. If you run into another enemy along the way, you will deal damage to them using their partner.

Your partner can also choose to jump into your arms, and you will batter your opponent with them instead. This paired-up version does increased damage.

Toxic ConcoctionUp + SpecialFreezingVelma throws down a vial of a liquid that shatters and forms a puddle. Any enemy who stands in this puddle will receive stacks of freezing.
Spread The KnowledgeDown + SpecialEducatedThis is a buff for Velma and her teammate. Using this will give both of you the Educated buff. This will severely reduce your cooldowns.

This is an excellent move, but it also has a super long cooldown, so make sure to pick your shots with it. Pop it when you and your partner have a number of moves on cooldown.

Aerial Attacks

NameCommandImageAdditional PropertiesDescription
Supportive WordAttackTargeted, Hastens Allies, Heals VelmaThis is the exact same move as the grounded version.
Light 'Em UpForward + AttackChargeable, Generates EvidenceHere Velma uses a flashlight to illuminate her opponents. It has okay range and okay knockback. However, you probably won't be turning to this move too often.
Bright Air-DeaUp + AttackThis is the same move as the grounded version, but it isn't chargeable. However, it still has its incredible hitbox and is more than capable of ringing an opponent out.
My Glasses!Down + AttackThis is Velma's spike attack and… it's not bad. Far from it. It has a surprisingly good hitbox. You will absolutely get kills with this spike.
Motivational SpeakerSpecialWeakness, Targeted, Heals AlliesThis is the exact same move as the grounded version.
Hit The BooksForward + SpecialGenerates EvidenceIf you have spent any time with Harley Quinn, this move may appear familiar to you. This aerial special propels Velma in the direction of the input and damages any enemy that is behind her.

So, if you press left and special in the air, you will move to the left while attacking to your right. This makes it a great recovery tool and definitely gives Velma a smidgen of aerial maneuverability.

ShutterbugUp + SpecialWeakened, Armor Breaking, Generates EvidenceThis move does a lot for Velma. Not only does it break armor, but it also applies weakness. Surprisingly, it hits above Velma as well (despite shooting the camera downward).

In fact, the move sorta hits all around Velma, though its range is best when hitting opponents above her. Doing it close to the ground will cover a number of options.

It is also a pretty good tool for delaying your descent and screwing with your opponent's timing.

Spread The KnowledgeDown + SpecialEducatedThis is the exact same move as the grounded version.

Battle Strategy

Okay, so distance is generally your friend. Starting with your Motivational Speaker attack to get an enemy targeted is a good first step, then hit them with a barrage of Supportive Words, which will home in on them. Try to drop the freezing puddle close to where the main melee is occurring with the Toxic Concoction attack. Finally, pop that Spread The Knowledge attack to help decrease your cooldown times.

When enemies get close, keep them away using your Quip Master combo attack. It has a decent amount of range and isn't bad at keeping opponents off of you in a pinch. You can also use your Shutterbug special, which pretty much hits all around you (just do it close to the ground). Keep in mind that if opponents are above you, your Bright Idea attack is absolutely incredible at batting them away. It hits way above you, so unless they are armored you will win most ground-to-air exchanges.

Throughout the battle, make sure to grab the evidence that your moves generate. Eventually, you will generate enough to call the cops. Don't worry if the police are able to KO your opponent or not, either way, it is worth generating to help create another concern for your enemies. You can attack the car to deal damage to the enemy inside as well. When dealing with opponents who are at a lower percentage, you will probably get more out of attacking the car.

Also, you can quickly sprint to the other end of the screen using your Fast Thinker attack. You may even scoop up an enemy along the way. Basically, you want to kill time in between your cooldowns. Then, once your ranged attacks are available again, hit your enemies with a barrage of potent projectiles.

For killing attacks, just remember that Velma has an excellent spike, so you can very effectively spike opponents trying to get back on the platform. And if you have an enemy targeted while they are off the platform, while also having access to your Supportive Words attack, then they are completely screwed, as you will be able to home in on them. Remember, you can target them by hitting them with your Motivational Speaker attack. Supportive Words is also great a knocking out enemies close to the top of the screen who are at higher percentages.

Velma's Progression Unlocks

Mastery LevelImageRewardDescription
TwoPerk: DeadshotYour team deals five percent increased damage with projectiles.
ThreeCurrency: Toasts x Five
FourPerk: Painted TargetYour team deals five percent increased damage when hitting enemies that are in hitstun.
FiveCurrency: Gold x 100
SixPerk: Equip Ally PerksUnlock the ability to use an ally's perks in team games.
SevenPerk: Slippery CustomerYour team receives a ten percent longer dodge invulnerability window.
EightSignature Perk: StudiedVelma Spawns with one piece of evidence already collected.
NinePerk: Perk TrainingUnlocks the ability to train ANY perk in the game.
TenSignature Perk: Knowledge Is PowerVelma's ally receives seven grey health for a few seconds after picking up evidence.
ElevenPerk: Shirt Cannon SniperYour team's projectiles deal seven percent increased damage to far away victims.
TwelvePerk: Ice To Beat You!Your team's projectiles deal one stack of ice if they knock enemies back.
ThirteenPerk: Hit Me If You're AbleYour team deals five percent increased dodge speed.
FourteenProfile Icon: Clues
FifteenBadge: Velma Wins

Velma's Signature Perk Overview

Neither of Velma's signature perks are really that game-changing. Her Studied perk will start you with a piece of evidence, which does mean that you can summon the police quicker. If you are playing a style of Velma where you are trying to generate evidence as quickly as possible, and get the police on the screen as frequently as you can, this would obviously help with that. We think her Knowledge Is Power is her best Signature Perk, though. It makes acquiring evidence a way of helping grant your partner additional survivability as it generates gray health for them.

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