MultiVersus Is No Longer Booting Up For Players With Mods Installed

Several high-profile MultiVersus players have claimed that the game will no longer boot up if players have mods installed, accusing Warner Bros. of making all existing mods incompatible and attempting to kill the community.

The issue was first brought to the community's attention by Ghost on Twitter, a modder for YouTube personality Alpharad. They claim that no current mods for MultiVersus will work anymore, but promises that a workaround will be posted should modders find one. This claim is backed up by a prolific MultiVersus dataminer, who says the problem was introduced via the latest patch and claims that Warner Bros. is "destroying the modding community."

While this is pretty unfortunate for all the MultiVersus modders out there, it probably isn't wise to blame developer Player First Games. The game's director, Tony Hunyh, consistently retweets fan projects and mods from his personal Twitter account, so the problem is more likely a direct order from Warner Bros. if it is indeed a genuine patch to stop mods.

Warner Bros. has been at war with modders ever since launch, quite recently having Twitch streams that feature mods taken down via copyright strikes. In fact, the modding community probably isn't even too surprised about the problem, as prolific MultiVersus modder junior3DM stated that the publisher might be "completely against modding," warning people of potential account bans.

If there's anything that the Internet has taught me over the years though, it's that modders will always find a way to mod a game if they really want to. It probably won't be too long before fans find a workaround, but all current mods are now toast. Not the good kind either.

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