MultiVersus’ Season 2 Battle Pass Will Take 30k More XP To Complete Than The First

MultiVersus' second battle pass will take 30,000 more XP to complete than the first one did, in an attempt for it to be more "rewarding and engaging" for players.

The second season of MultiVersus started just a few days ago, introducing a new battle pass, alongside the promise of Marvin the Martian and a new Game of Thrones stage to come in the future. The new season also made some harder-to-spot changes, including increasing the amount of XP needed to finish the battle pass.

Reliable MultiVersus dataminer LaisulMV highlighted the increase when Season 2 first dropped. They tweeted that the battle pass for Season 2 will take 81,000 XP to complete, which is 31,000 more XP than the first battle pass, which took around 50,000. Although it's a shame to see more grind for a battle pass that was already pretty grindy, the latest pass does at least include a reward for every tier.

Player First Games addressed the change to the XP required to finish the battle pass in the patch notes prior to the release of Season 2, although it wasn't known at the time that they were going to increase it. Player First Games said, "We also tuned the number of points required to complete each tier so that the Battle Pass feels both engaging and rewarding". Turns out engaging and rewarding means more grinding.

One thing that might help out the grind a little bit in Season 2 is the addition of timed XP boosts, both for battle pass progress and individual character levelling. Some of these boosts are offered as rewards within the battle pass too, so it's possible that they'll help with the required XP seeing such a massive increase.

This isn't the first time that Player First Games has increased the grind in MultiVersus. At the start of last month, it revealed that the XP required for each character to level up was going to be increased, doubling the amount of time it takes for any character to rank up between level three and level 15.

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