Murder Mystery The Invisible Hours is Coming to Oculus Quest Soon

Tequila Works’ murder mystery title The Invisible Hours is almost three years old having previously launched on PlayStation VR and PC VR headsets. As is the trend due to Oculus Quest’s popularity, the studio is porting the experience over to the standalone headset for a new audience to enjoy.

Limited details are available at present, with Tequila Works recently making the announcement via Twitter, only saying that it was ‘coming soon to Oculus Quest.’

The experience is designed more like a piece of immersive theatre, where players can freely explore and observe an intricate web of interwoven stories within a sprawling mansion; like a fly on the wall.

The synopsis explains that: “A group of strangers receive a curious invitation from the enigmatic inventor, Nikola Tesla, offering each of them the chance to make amends for their darkest wrongdoings. When the last guest arrives at Tesla’s isolated mansion laboratory, they find him dead – murdered. Disgraced Swedish detective, Gustaf Gustav, vows to find the killer amongst the other guests: a blind butler, a convicted murderer, the world’s most famous actress, Tesla’s former assistant, the son of a wealthy railroad magnate, and rival inventor Thomas Edison. But none of these people are what they seem.”

As players wander the hallways listening to the various characters conversations they’ll be able to untangle the dark truth behind the mysterious tale. They’ll also be able to explore the mansion and search for clues hidden within the walls.

The Invisible Hours received a very positive response when it first arrived so this is one title to certainly look forward to, providing a nice change of pace for all the shooters and rhythm-action videogames.

Those who do like the theatrical element may also want to take a look at Tender Claws’ The Under Presents and its recent addition Tempest. This is an actual live experience in VR so you have to book a time slot as a professional actor takes you and other guests through Shakespeare’s classic play, with everyone receiving their own small part to play.

As Tequila Works release further details regarding The Invisible Hours on Oculus Quest, VRFocus will let you know.

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