Naughty Dog Has Multiple Games On The Go, Neil Druckmann Says

Fans of the Jak & Daxter series have been waiting for Jak 4 ever since X came out – The Lost Frontier doesn't count. While Neil Druckmann didn't explicitly say Jak 4 was in development – he didn't hint at it even slightly – we here at TheGamer dare to dream.

As first reported by MP1st, the Naughty Dog co-president said during Sony's 2022 press conference, "We're dying to share with you the multiple game projects we have in the works at Naughty Dog." He's keeping his cards close to his chest because announcing Jak 4 right at the start of the year would mean nothing else could live up to it for the remaining 360 days we have.

There are some obvious projects that the teams at Naughty Dog may be working on. An new and improved Factions multiplayer for The Last Of Us Part 2 would be very welcome – the first Factions was stellar. He's also previously said that there's a plot outline ready for TLOU 3, so that could also be in the very early development stages.

As well as those quite likely scenarios, there's also the slim possibility the studio will be reviving one of the PS2's most beloved mascots, Jak and Daxter. Naughty Dog did share the original teaser for that first game in December last year, on its 20th anniversary, so the devs haven't forgotten about the moody man and foul-mouthed ottsel.

The reason many of us here at TheGamer, along with plenty of fans, want to see more of the iconic duo is simple: The Precursor Legacy was a precursor to Naughty Dog's greatness. Jak 2 then set the stage for its dark storytelling.

Naughty Dog could also be working on a sequel to Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, starring two of the series' fantastic women, Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. Or, it could be working on an entirely new IP. The studio used to make entirely new worlds for each console generation, but the PS4 saw more Uncharted and TLOU, so it might be time for the PS5 to get something unique.

Whatever the studio is working on – please be Jak 4 – we just hope staff aren't forced to crunch as it has been alleged they've had to in the past.

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