Netflix Lays Off "Entire Team" Of Writers Without Warning

Netflix continues its highly publicized scramble to save money, this time deciding to lay off numerous writers without warning. This latest round of cuts is being made to its official news site, Tudum, and while it hasn't been officially confirmed, dozens of its writers have revealed that they are now looking for work.

This comes as a result of the streaming service losing subscribers for the first time in over a decade. Since that news dropped, the company has revealed plans to introduce an ad-supported subscription tier, stamp out password sharing, and cut support for its animated content.

As reported by Gizmodo, former writers for Tudum have reported that an entire team has been laid off, with many now left looking for new work. Some have also criticized Netflix for laying them off after just months in the role, and after being "aggressive courted" by the company to write for the site.

In a statement, Netflix commented: "Our fan website Tudum is an important priority for the company." It remains to be seen how losing so much of its team affects Tudum going forward.

Tudum launched in December 2021, and its staff were hired jusr two months prior to that. Many are reporting that Netflix intentionally sought to hire non-white, non-male staff – only to now leave them scrambling for new work to pay rent. The fact that dozens of writers are having to take to Twitter to find new opportunities supports the claims that this came as a shock to the team, and they were given no prior warning.

Netflix has refused to clarify how many writers it has laid off in total.

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