New Lost Paradise Video Sets Up The Alt-History Last Story On Earth

Paradise Lost is an upcoming first-person alt-history exploration and survival video game from developer PolyAmorous and publisher All in! Games, set in the post-apocalypse nuclear winter wasteland that used to be Poland. Thanks to a recent ‘what if’ video, the dev team has connected the game’s past to its present, showing a portion of the timeline and backstory you’ll be presented with once this intriguing game launches sometime later this year.

The video is titled What happened before the last story on Earth?, and is the latest chapter in the dev team’s ongoing Last Story on Earth Series that has been running since July of last year. Up until this latest video entry, the series has told its fascinating backstory in faux alt-history archival-styled documents made in the form of really old newspaper articles, official government file folders, hand-written notes, telegram messages, and the like. If you’re a gamer who loves to get immersed in the lore of the games you play, this is a highly recommended series to read ahead of finally getting to play the game.

Before the Last Story on Earth explains Paradise Lost’s alt-history that sets the background and theme of the game, beginning with the events of World War Two as it happened in the game world. Told in a classic History Channel documentary style, the video describes how the Germany of the game world conducted its WWII operations starting in 1939, which is not too different from its real-life counterpart, at least up until the year 1943. In this version, the United States didn’t enter WWII until 1955, sweeping the Nazis out of Africa first before joining the European theater in 1960. But by that time, Germany had already advanced its weapons and science technology far enough along to develop its nuclear arsenal, which it used against the US and Soviet forces as its final solution later that year.

In Paradise Lost, you’ll play as Szymon, a young boy growing up in the post-apocalypse wasteland, who discovers one of the Nazi’s abandoned (or is it?) bunkers in 1980. You’ll guide Szymon through this mysterious bunker while exploring the “themes of retrofuturism, transhumanism, and grief” from Szymon’s point of view.

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