New Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Trailer Reveals Titan ‘Mons, Rival Team Star, And More

A new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer has just dropped, and it showed us a new crab 'mon called Klawf, along with its Titan variant, a huge beast that seems like a sort of boss Pokemon, similar to the Alola region's totem 'mons. We also saw a new rival group, Team Star, a bunch of school troublemakers, and some fancy new Pokemon that looked like Knights of some sort.

The Titan Pokemon are the biggest news from the trailer, literally. Arven, "an upperclassman and gifted cook" states he'll be "visiting the lairs of the Titans and nabbing their Herba Mystica." This seems to be part of the Path of Legends, which tasks players with seeking out "the legendary Herba Mystica."

We know Scarlet & Violet will feature three main story paths, rather than just the standard League Challenge story, though that will be in the game too. We met Geeta, the iridescent chairwoman of the Pokemon League. Much like Sword & Shield's varied gym challenges, the new games offer Gym Tests, in keeping with the school theme of Scarlet & Violet.

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