New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Day)

After making your way through the day and night variations of Founja Jungle, you’ll soon earn access to both Blushing Beach and Sweltering Sands. It doesn’t matter which order you visit these in, with both Maricopia and Voluca earning an additional midgame biome later on in the story, but I digress: this is a guide designed to tell you everything you need to know about the Pokemon who hang around on Blushing Beach.

While the previous levels were mostly green, Blushing Beach consists of white sands and crystal clear waters. It’s not just made up of Water-type Pokemon, either – from Alolan Raichu to Machamp, to Pikachu and Bellossom, there are plenty of beloved ‘mons who enjoy hanging out by the sea.

If you’re curious about where all of these Pokemon are and which ranks they appear in, look no further than this comprehensive list of every single Pokemon in Blushing Beach. As always, we don’t repeat Pokemon in subsequent ranks – if Exeggutor is in rank one, we’re not going to relist it in ranks two and three, and will instead focus on new additions to the locale’s core roster. With that established, let’s get cracking on every Pokemon you can snap on Blushing Beach.

List Of Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Day) Rank 1

  • Crabrawler – Crabrawler is right next to you when you spawn in. There’s another one a little further down the first beach on the right, as well as one on a little islet to the right of the final section of the map.
  • Exeggutor – There are a few Exeggutor on your left right at the start of the map, as well as one at the end of the first beach. You can’t miss this one because it quite literally blocks your path – you either need to wait for it to get up or speed it up by chucking a fluffruit at it.
  • Wingull – Wingull literally flies all over the map, although it’s mostly prevalent in the midsection, right after where you have to wake up the Exeggutor in your way.
  • Pyukumuku – On a small little rock right after Exeggutor. If you scan it, it will wave at you with the large white hand you may or may not have known this curious little urchin ‘mon has.
  • Vivillon – In the same place as where Wingull is more prevalent, except off to the right. Once you get through Exeggutor, turn to your right and you’ll see Vivillon (Marine Pattern) because, you know, it’s a beach.
  • Pikachu – On the first beach and the last one – you can’t miss it. There’s an extra Pikachu on the first beach at rank three, which allows you to snap a sneaky four-star showstopper.
  • Stunfisk – To the left of the junction after Exeggutor gets in your way, and on the islet in front of the last Crabrawler’s one in the final section of the map.
  • Corsola – Corsola appears on rank one for me now, but I’m unsure if that’s been retconned in or I missed it the first time around. It’s in the same place as the first Stunfisk, right after Exeggutor.
  • Lapras – Like Corsola, this feels like it was retconned in, but if I load Blushing Beach rank one right now, Lapras is on my right as soon as I spawn in. If it’s there for you, happy days! If not, you’ll need to hit rank two.
  • Squirtle – I promise this is the last of the retcon roster. Squirtle appears at the end of the map riding across the sea on Lapras’ back. Given how much bigger Lapras’ hitbox is and how far away they are from your NEO-ONE, it’s tough to photograph Squirtle, so even if it doesn’t appear for you on rank one there’s no need to worry. You’ll be heading to Maricopia Reef shortly anyway and there are about five hundred Squirtle there.
  • Bellossom – In the bushes before the sleeping Exeggutor. You need to press R to play music to make them come out.
  • Machamp – On your left after Exeggutor. As always, it’s doing bodybuilder poses.
  • Octillery – Next to Machamp, who appears to be annoying it quite a lot. Octillery seems very jealous of the other Octillery opposite it, who is underwater and out of sight. If you scan the water next to the second Octillery, an extra Stunfisk will pop out of the sand.

List Of Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Day) Rank 2

  • Finneon – Appears in the water to your right, as well as at the end of the map.
  • Alolan Raichu – Literally surfs along the dunes in the final section on its tail. How cool is that? There’s also one just chilling out at sea, also standing on its tail – Alolan Raichu is a badass.

List Of Pokemon In Blushing Beach (Day) Rank 3

  • Blastoise – at the start of the last beach, on your left as soon as you go past Machamp. It’s asleep but you can wake it up by chucking fluffruit at it.

And there you have it! Every single Pokemon you can find on Blushing Beach (Day) in New Pokemon Snap, including exact details about where to find them and which rank they appear in. It’s worth noting that most rank one Pokemon also appear in ranks two and three, although higher rank Pokemon are exclusive to their own rank or higher – Blastoise will only ever appear on rank three, for example. Be sure to bookmark this guide so you always know exactly where to find each and every Pokemon on Blushing Beach. Happy snapping!

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