New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Day)

Maricopia Reef is an early game location in New Pokemon Snap, being unlocked around the same time as Sweltering Sands and Blushing Beach. Unlike the beach biome, which is fairly type-diverse given its status as, you know, a beach with loads of water, Maricopia Reef is predominantly home to Water ‘mons. Don’t let that fool you, though – there are plenty of great Pokemon to snap here.

As with all of the other locations in the game, Maricopia Reef has three separate ranks, each of which introduces new, progressively rarer Pokemon. It even has one of the beloved Kanto starters – I bet you can’t guess which one, eh? Charmander, exactly (joking). Maricopia Reef is also one of several locations that has both a day and night variant, with this particular guide being for the latter.

So, if you’re looking for a handy list of every single Pokemon you can find in Maricopia Reef – and believe us, Professor Mirror has given us our fancy completionist sticker – look no further than this comprehensive guide. As with all of our other guides on each location, the sections for ranks two and three only include the Pokemon introduced as part of the higher rank – most Pokemon from lower ranks reappear in the higher ones, and if they don’t, you can just change back to the lower ones and snap them there. That being said, here’s our complete list of every Pokemon you can find in Maricopia Reef (Day).

List Of Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Day) Rank 1

  • Wingull – You’ll see Wingull almost immediately after spawning into the map. There’s one perched on a rock to your left and several flying overhead directly in front of you, as well as loads more throughout the map – you won’t be hard pressed adding this Pokemon to your Photodex.
  • Sharpedo – There are several Sharpedo in the first section of this map, all jumping in and out of the water like it’s nobody’s business. At higher ranks you can get a four-star snap by capturing them chasing certain other Pokemon, who they never manage to catch.
  • Pelipper – Like Wingull, there are plenty of Pelipper in Maricopia Reef, although they’re mostly found in the second half of the map. Again, you won’t miss them, especially because the final section has loads of them just treading water by the teleportation point.
  • Machamp – Standing on a rock in the middle of the second section of the map, right after you go past the big Wailord who erupts out of the water. As always, Machamp is too busy doing bodybuilding poses to care about your presence.
  • Wailord – Like I just said, Wailord erupts out of the water in the middle of the map and is completely unmissable, For one thing, it’s almost 40 feet long. For another, you literally stop moving for about ten seconds due to the fact it blocks your path. Easy to find and a very handy way of dividing the map into two separate halves.
  • Pyukumuku – On a few rocks throughout the map, mostly in the second half, but most easily found in Pelipper’s mouth in the final section where the big Pokemon pelican is treading water. Hit Pelipper with a fluffruit and it will spit Pyukumuku out – easy peasy.
  • Corsola – On a rock in the final section of the map, to the left of the Pyukumuku-chomping Pelipper in the water.
  • Mareanie – Chasing Corsola. What a meanie.
  • Mantine – In the middle of the map, right after Wailord. There are loads of them and they jump in and out of the water, albeit in a much more graceful manner than Sharpedo.
  • Finneon – At the very start of the map, directly in front of where you spawn.
  • Magikarp – There’s a massive whirlpool after Sharpedo and before Wailord. Throw a fluffruit into the middle and Magikarp will jump out.

List Of Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Day) Rank 2

  • Squirtle – If you read our Blushing Beach guide, you’ll probably already know that Squirtle is everywhere in Maricopia Reef as soon as you unlock rank two. Well, everywhere in the first part of the map. At night time it even blows bubbles!

List Of Pokemon In Maricopia Reef (Day) Rank 3

  • Lapras – Lapras appears at the start of the map, protecting Squirtle from Sharpedo. At night time it appears at the end, too – and if you can make it sing, you might chance upon a fairly beloved Mythical Pokemon!

And there you have it, every single Pokemon that you can find and photograph in Maricopia Reef during the day. This is, of course, completely different from the ‘mons who show up here later on, but hey – Maricopia Reef (Night) isn’t introduced until way later on, so if you’re currently playing through the story, don’t worry about Maricopia Reef after the sun goes down just yet. Instead, you should probably turn your sights to Fireflow Volcano, which also has one of the beloved Kanto starters. Yes, it’s Bulbasaur (again, joking – I’m so sorry).

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