New Pokemon Snap: Three In A Row Request Guide

If you’ve been clearing through your Requests in New Pokemon Snap, then you’ve probably found a few that you just can’t seem to figure out. Yeah, there are some tricky puzzles at play in order to get things done in New Pokemon Snap, but we’ve got the information you need.

In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the Three In A Row Request, and completing it can seem like a complete mystery unless you can exactly what you’re doing.

As long as you follow the steps below we can guarantee that you’ll be able to complete the Three In A Row Request – though no promises that the picture will actually be any good, because ours looks… Bad. But hey, at least we cleared the Request. And it’s that kind of professional attitude you can expect from our full guide to Requests in New Pokemon Snap, which will help you get closer to 100% completion on this excellent Pokemon spin-off.

How To Complete The Three In A Row Requests In New Pokemon Snap

This Request will be completed on Blushing Beach during Beach (Day). The Request should be completable at any Research Level, but this was completed on Research Level 3. The Request is accessible as soon as you load into the stage, so get ready.

Essentially, in order to complete the Three In A Row Request you must have three Exeggcutor sleeping side by side. There’s already one Exeggcutor sleeping to your right as you spawn in, and if the others approach it, they will join it to nap.

So there’s one Exeggcutor next to you as you begin the stage, and you need to immediately work by throwing Fluffruit to make it approach the sleeping Exeggcutor. This is way, way easier said than done. You’ll need to get the first few fruit close to it in order to get its attention, but if it eats it’ll just waste time. You need to start throwing in a line towards the sleeping Exeggcutor, and you can Scan to interrupt eating animations. Once the Exeggcutor that spawned next to you on the beach approaches the sleeping Exeggcutor, you just need to final Pokemon located on the right side.

This Pokemon is already pretty close to the sleeping Exeggcutor, so it’s a minor task to make that Exeggcutor approach and also join for the final nap. The problem really is getting all of this done before get out of range.

Remember that your vehicle will slow if you are zooming in with the camera, or looking to the rear of the vehicle. You need to slow your vehicle to be able to get a decent shot here. Once they are all sat down and sleeping, a photograph from any angle will complete the Request. Make sure to not hit the sleeping Exeggcutor with a Fluffruit, otherwise it’ll wake up and ruin the Request.

If you fail this Request or run out of time, feel free to try again using the Retry function in the menu. This is a tricky Request, but it’s not too bad to deal with since the Request is available right at the start of the stage.

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