New PS5 system update out now – here’s what it does

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The PlayStation 5 has been given a brand new update, which is available to download once you start up the console. The latest PS5 update doesn’t add a ton of new features, but it does lay the foundation for Sony’s next big hardware release. Indeed, if you’ve pre-ordered one of Sony’s fancy new DualSense Edge controllers, then this is a crucial update for the PlayStation 5.

According to the patch notes, update 22.02-06.50.00 adds DualSense Edge wireless controller support to the PS5.

The new hardware update also improves system performance for the console, leading to greater stability.

Sony’s new DualSense Edge controller has a January 26 release date.

Ideal for pro gamers, it features a variety of features, including changeable stick caps, re-mappable inputs and various customisation settings.

This includes adjustable stick sensitivity for improved aiming in shooting games, as well as the ability to tweak dead zones.

Elsewhere, you can set the travel distance of your trigger buttons, which leads to faster inputs.

The ability to create different profiles means you can customise controller settings for different genres.

Similar to the Xbox Pro Controller, the DualSense Edge also has swappable back buttons.

“Swappable back buttons can be configured to many other button inputs, so you’ve always got game-changing actions and essential controls at your fingertips,” reads the official description.

“Plus, with two different styles of button to choose from, you can pick an input type that feels just right for your playstyle.”

The DualSense Edge controller is available to pre-order from the Sony website, where it costs £209.99.

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